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30th Mar 2018 from TwitLonger

Trade restriction and a few thoughts on it (My own personal opinion)

Hello out there,
I wanted to comment a bit further on the situation that's currently going on with the trade restriction.

As many of you know I have been actively involved in CSGO Trading and I am a lover of skins and the whole trading community.I am going to keep it short and point out the few flaws and some possible solutions instead of the 7-day restriction.

First of all; I can't understand how the restriction will prevent scamming? The cooldown that exist on freshly unboxed items does not stop "sharking/scamming" the only thing it does is that it forces people to sell their newly unboxed skins on the Steam Market. Obviously few scams will happens since few trades will happen too.

So.. What do they want with this restriction? Is it to stop the gambling that happens with skins? I don't think so, Valve stated that it was implemented to stop scamming, also there is so many other ways to combat this. One of them would be to use man-power and one-by-one just take down the sites by taking down their bots. (This could be done easily by depositing few $ and locating their bots.) Anyways.. These sites will just implement (If they don't already have) a currency system and have enough skins that the 7-day cooldown probably wont hurt them too much, other than make sure that sometimes the users of the site have to wait to withdraw (which increases the chance of the casino to make money)

Anyways, the no-brainer would also be to mention the community that is the subreddit (r/GlobalOffensiveTrade) which is a big communtiy with over 100K people that spend a lot of time doing trades for small profits. Their whole hobby/job will get slowed down to the point were trading for profit becomes pointless.

We all know that the dev's try to cater the game to the casual players that play matchmaking. But I can't understand how this helps them? The only winner of this update is Valve and the money the market will generate from this.
I can't help to feel bad for OPSkins, the biggest website/marketplace (I assume) having their business limited, simply because Valve don't want to put enough man-power on making their own at least equally as good.

I hope everyone that wishes the best for the community signs the petition that the guys at r/GlobalOffensiveTrade have made and that Valve will revert the previous update;

Have a nice Easter everyone out there!

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