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30th Mar 2018 from TwitLonger

LF new home, future.

It's sad to be writing this post half way through the year, but it happened so i'm here to announce that i am looking for a new home but i want to explore options further than just playing, approach me with all kinds of roles, im not just stuck to the league scene!
-Any cool new idea you have up and coming that you think i could help with.

I might possibly be looking to move into a house with a group of people and or single person in sydney sometime soon! if you need a roommate or housemate please hmu aswell! (not sure yet but i wont be leaving sydney regardless of playing or not)

Huge shoutout to everybody who has become my friend, or hater in the past 2 years within the league scene and out of it, i appreciate you all and im glad ive been apart of this journey, i love you all.
i'm still contracted to AV but i'm free to privately talk to anybody.
RTS appreciated

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