LiAngelo Ball full translation of 03/25 interview to

LiAngelo Ball quotes translation from this interview:

"I try to improve every time I go to court. I want to always improve and I think I do it successfully here in Lithuania. I am better now than before coming to Lithuania".

"Nothing much changed since January in the way we play. Team still plays slowly, I play better in a faster game. I dont worry about it though, I simply adapt and try to do my job".

"I dont think its easier for me to adapt in Lithuania than for my brother. He has adjusted here as well. Melo is a good player, but he got sick lately. Little things like that hold him back a bit so far, but he is a very good player."

"I think it will benefitial for Melo to stay in Lithuania. If gets playing time, it does not matter if he plays here or elsewhere. Its up to Melo and my dad, they know best whats best for my brother's future"

"I try to go my way and to make it to NBA. This is the most important thing to me. Everything is cool here in Lithuania, I have good conditions to work out. I train a lot, then go to sleep and get ready for the next day. I just get myself ready. Melo meanwhile plays videogames all night, but its not a bad thing. He usually catches up on sleep, so its all good."

"I talk to Lonzo a lot. Through him I get along well with other Lakers like Kuzma, Hart and others. I often talk to former Laker Matt Barnes as well."

"I dont care which NBA team I play in. Personally, I would agree to play in any of them. Yes, the dream is to make it to Lakers and play with my brother, but if another team takes me in the draft, its will definitely not be a problem"

"My favorite current NBA players are Lebron, Durant and Harden, but I dont strive to be like them. I dont aspire to be any particular player. I raise the bar for myself very high and plan to go my way. I dont want to repeat anyone, I want to be a unique player."

"Who will win NBA? Rockets are now in the lead right? There's your proof that maybe they are the strongest team (smiles). Its truly a great team. J.Harden is the best NBA player this season and he can definitely take Rockets to the top"

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