#SNKHEROINES breakdown - twit longer for anyone who wants to translate it

Okay, so as you may know, i went to WNF and played the demo build of SNK Heroines.
The game is an absolute blast, and will be great for groups of friends.
Competitive tournament play? Probably not, but itll be great for side tournaments and exhibitions - and perfect for couch play.
So how does it work?

your health is shared between characters. Meter is not.
you start the round with health halfway filling the overall bar - the other rainbow colored half is your super meter.
as you lose health, you gain more maximum meter.

under this bar is a tiny rainbow bar - this is the partner characters meter.

Meter fills slowly over time, for both point and partner character.

you cannot build meter while blocking. more on this later.

Dream Finish (Supers) are required to kill. If you run out of health, but no super was used, you are instead instantly dizzied.

im gonna use numpad / anime notation:

Dpad to move.
6,6 - forward dash
4,4 - back dash
j. 6,6 - air dash. there is no air backdash.

square - Light Attack (from here on out, ill just call it "L")
From what i can tell, all L attacks are special / super cancelable. This includes j.A if the character has air specials or supers.
L,L,L - mash light for 3 hit combo. Still cancelable at any point.

Triangle - Heavy Attack ( H attack)
H attacks are NOT special cancelable, but many of them have special properties, such as wall bounce, ground bounce, or launchers.
H has proximity normals - close H and far H are different attacks, typically the launchers.
Launchers are jump cancelable (even on block!)
L, H is kind of a target combo into launcher (at least for most characters)
L, L, H leads to the wallbounce H attack.
6, 6, H (running H) is raw wallbounce attack. Wallbounce is somewhere between Critical Wire and KoF XIV CD

From what I can tell, all anti-air and air-to-air attacks cause knockdown, leading to juggle combos. The only exception i think is meterless specials (which ill explain more later)

Juggle is limited by a few basic rules. From what i can tell:
Air attacks can only be used once each
Ground attacks only get one hit, so multi hit loses some of their properties.
Launchers get modified when used as juggles as well, but im not 100% clear.

Circle - Special attack ( S attack )
This is how you do all your special moves - fireball, dp, etc. In a fashion similar to Smash, holding a direction + S is all your different specials.

All specials cost 1 block of super meter. if you have less than one block, you get a horribly nerfed version with reduced range, damage, hitstun, worse recovery, etc. Some are even minus on hit!

There is an overarching theme to how specials work:
5 + S is projectile (Athena Psycho Ball, Mai Fan, etc)
2 + S is anti air / DP (Athena Psycho sword, Leona Moon Slasher)
6 + S is foward moving specials ( Leona running slash, Mai Ninja Bees)
4 + S is variable... anything that doesnt fit the above. (Athena / Kula reflect, Yuri Demon Flip)
If a move is NOT in the used slot (like if you do 2 + S and the character doesnt HAVE a 2+S command) then it defaults to the 5+S move.

X is throw. Throws work vs roll, do not work vs blockstun.
Throws can be comboed into. (This is mostly for air throws.)
Throws take meter away from the opponent (2 blocks).
if you cant finish a combo with a special, finish with a throw, to remove options from the opponent. This means air throws are REALLY STRONG.
Air throws seem to have a LOT of priority, by the way.

R1 is Dream Finish (supers). Supers cost 4 bars of meter.
You CANNOT kill without super.

One main strategy is to fight until you make the opponent run out of health, get the dizzy, raw tag, and then use their meter for the super to kill.

when applicable, you can cancel from specials into supers. Easy to see with leona Excalibur XX V-Slasher

R2 is Tag.
You must be grounded to tag.
Raw Tag is free.
Tag cancels (still must be grounded) cost meter from the character you are tagging INTO. Its like 2 or 3 blocks of meter.
it APPEARS you can only tag cancel once per combo?

L1 is block.
You raise a shield, blocking all attacks (except throws).
Tapping block in the air causes a air dodge very similar to smash brawl. It cancels all momentum, slides you backwards ever so slightly. Invulnerability appears to start on frame one ( i was always able to mash it to avoid supers as long as i wasnt doing something else.) Im not sure about landing lag from air dodge.
While your shield is up, tap 4 to back roll or 6 to forward roll.
While actually blocking attacks with your shield, you can roll as a guard cancel at the cost of 1 1/2 blocks of meter.

Right Stick - Items.
This is where the game gets crazy.
During combat, little golden boxes will appear on the stage. destroy them to get a random item.
This item is stored in your inventory at the top.
You can only hold one item at a time.
If you are at low health, you get a unique SP item. This will OVERWRITE whatever item you were holding.
When you have an item, tilt the RS in a direction to throw the item. Each direction determines where the item goes (this is why operation on arcade sticks is complicated, and why they are looking into solutions)
RS Left - item drops at far left of screen
RS Right - item drops at far right of screen
RS Down - drops exactly where the opponent is when used
RS Up - drops slightly behind where opponent is when used - good for setting up combos and pressure.

Item list (from memory. ill miss some)
Banana peel - instant knockdown. unblockable.
Goro Daimon statue - statue of Daimon falls from the sky. If you are grounded, instant dizzy. Applies to both players.
EX - fills meter, and all specials are meterless.
Green Bottle - health potion. Heals you (heals one block?)
3x Green bottle - bigger heal. (two blocks?)
Old man face thing - Giant wrecking ball rolls through stage
wolf face - Timed mine. detonates after like 3 seconds.
Land mine - explodes when opponent walks over it.
Spring - Sonic the Hedgehog spring. Launches opponent super high.
Mosaic - Censors the whole screen in mosaic. Hard to see, hilarious.
Crazy superball - bounces all over the screen until it hits opponent or expires
SP - unique, gained at low health. Uses a unique attack from your PARTNER.
- for instance, if Nakoruru is your partner, Mamahaha flies through the stage

Character specific notes:
Athena -
j.S is Heavy Phoenix Arrow. You can tag cancel the Kick juggle at the end.
2+DF (R1) - Shining crystal bit is obscenely fast. Can be canceled by pressing R1 again.
5+DF (R1) - Can be charged / delayed.
Both are usable in the air.

Leona -
May be a glitch, but at the end of long juggle combos, was having trouble super canceling from j.L, but if i did j.L xx S xx R1 then it worked.

Kula -
Slide DM is very active, so can still meaty people who try to roll past it.
Meterless reflect does NOT reflect lol

Yuri -
Demon Flip (4+S) has a followup for each button, as youd expect.

Mai -
mai's LLL combo makes her airborne. To tag from it, you gotta do LLLS, and tag off the landing from the dive.
Super Deadly ninja bees is usable in air.
2 + DF (R1) is flame pillar super. its fast.

Nakoruru -
5+S (sliding slash) can still chain into 2 + S (Anti air slash).
slashy slashy super counts as Ranbu / Capture, so if one hit connects, the opponent will restand and be hit be the entire super.

I also managed to find an Option Select (who knows if itll remain)
L, L+Throw
if L connects, then auto combo takes priority
if L whiffs, throw takes priority.
seems pretty strong, and opens doors to other ideas later :)

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