Vytautas coach 3/19 post game conference full translation

Vytautas coach V.Seskus 03/19 post game conference (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHWFPTnJQu8) full translation:

We were preparing for this game to play aggresively, but after 5 minutes we had 0 fouls. They were shooting freely from under the basket, no aggression whatsoever. Second thing, in the beginning we did not do any combinations that we were planning to do. Absolutely. Sloppy play. We have players who should help us, Broadus who I dont know... does not find his play. Its the same game basically like last one - we start without a point guard, and when Dimsa, Zukauskas start playmaking, we play better. Its a luxury... (looking at Broadus boxscore) 14 minutes 0-2 free throws 1 turnover. Gedas (Maceina) plays ok as expected to his role. We discussed how to play and our planned plays really matched well versus defense that they played, our bigs getting near the basket and pass it out, and we throw passes out of bounds. I dont know...

The end of game was a bit... I will have to rewatch, maybe they hit Gedas in the arm when they were trying to get the ball. I dont understand, our team was waiting for 20 seconds for them to come back on court, but they were still resting, I dont know. Maybe I can sit my team for rest when they shoot free throws? We will try the same next time, lets see how referees will react then.

Its a pity, we let these beginnings of our games slip away. Lack of focus or something. When we were making our comeback and things were looking good, but then we started again. Did not give free Gelo the ball a couple of times, Gelo then drove the ball forward too far alone... team, there is no team! Then when we started to play as a team again, things were ok again. Last minute you saw yourselves, what can you do we got two flagrants.

We need to keep fighting, because we saw we can play against that team. Throughout the season we played maybe one team well as a team. Lukashov got in form but he got injured... we'll see, maybe Edvinas (Seskus) will get fit, we have Kedainiai, Lietkabelis we must come out and play, its not tragedy.

Nevezis game will be very important, I predict a nervous game, they also not about last place. Maybe I got my players too amped up today, because they played stiff at the beginning, making mistakes instead of making shots. The worst thing was in defense all their shots from near the basket.

Q: your spurt at the end was with all lithuanian five, do they feel best this way?
A: I think so, because we had an abnormal situation, they went to Spain for 5 days, Gelo with his parents, and they were not at practice. I gave Gelo 26 minutes today which I think is fair according to the situation, my team is a team, they were getting ready all week. But things are the way they are, what can you do.

Q: Why didnt Melo play?
A: He had high temperature yesterday and could not practice and play.

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