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1st Mar 2018 from TwitLonger

All MCN's affected by March 1st YouTube policy enforcement.

Effective yesterday Mar 1st, @YouTube has begun enforcing a new policy directed at MCN's that has forced all/most MCN's to unlink channels that have hit the 4k1k mark. The policy is quite simple, ALL MCN's must now have complete oversight of ALL channels in their networks, and must build personal relationships with each of them. This policy simply ensures that all partnered channels in a network does not contain content that is in violation of YouTube's Copyright policies( and/or the Community Guidelines( Trust me when I say this is a HUGE! Change from before as there is now basically zero tolerance for all MCN's and we had no choice, we are truly sorry. Don't fret though! If your channel was unlinked by #Freedomfamily on Mar 1st, it's simply due to your channel containing potentially questionable content that needs to addressed. Please read the email sent to you in order to get your channel re-reviewed after you have cleaned it up.

I hope this tweet clears this situation up for everyone and if you were unlinked by Freedom! Or any other @MCN.

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