Stepping Away From Competitive CoD

Ladies & Gentlemen, Boys & Girls.

It saddens me that today is the day I announce that I will be stepping away from Competitive Call Of Duty. After such a disappointing result in the National Circuit I had hoped that Atlanta & Birmingham would still be possible for the team but with the mass expense from Australia & New Zealand, both events were not possible. Thus making the pro point race for GPL rather difficult.

Other opportunities outside of CoD have approached me which has ultimately lead to this decision. I enjoy Competing still but not enough to be contempt with playing online all year long. With no GPL in reach & no local or even international events confirmed anytime soon, let alone lack of money in our region. I see no value in comparison to what I will be doing with my time.

Who knows what the future might hold, if our region shows a sign of light it might entice me enough to return like I once did for Black Ops 3. But until then, this is what is best for me & most importantly my team.

I hope that my story over 5 years of competing can inspire the younger APAC generation to achieve what they set out to achieve. It was always my goal to help newer players to grow into better ones & I do not wish for that mission to end. My DM's will remain open for anyone whoever seeks help/advice no matter if in game or personal.

Now for a few thanks to some important people!

Bacabec, Killerpie & Guydra: You lads helped build the foundation of my career by teaching me most of my basic skills I know today. You had faith that I was good enough to be competing with you guys all those years ago & for that I thank you. It was a privilege to be by your guys side throughout the years and most importantly Champs.

Damage, Fate & Chilean: I had returned from the worst point in my Career and you guys put your hand out and entrusted a fair amount of faith in my abilities in a year that was so important. For that I will never forget & I will forever be grateful. Had some of my best times with you guys <3

Tyson: I saw so much talent in you at the perfect time. It has made me extremely proud to see the player you have grown into today. You never let me down like I knew you never would & you still have a far journey ahead of you. Teaming with you for the past 9 months has been great and wouldn't take any of it back.

SYF GAMING: When approached to form this relationship in March of 2017 I never thought it'd grow into the relationship we have now. MKR, Kohn & Pulse have been great to me throughout my entire stay & treated me like family. I will always hope you guys continue to grow & that I can continue working with you in the near future.

That's all I have to say I guess. To all those that remain passionate about the game I wish you the best of luck & hope you all achieve your goals.

Till next time,

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