POUZ · @PouzVC

22nd Feb 2018 from TwitLonger

LFT, Looking for new beginnings.

It's with a hefty heart I say that I have personally decided to leave the core lineup of Vizard Rising.
I love each and every single person in the team very dearly and I'm proud to call them the best team I've ever had.

However happiness always comes first and unfortunately, I wasn't happy. I'm an AWPer at heart and unfortunately both the roles I am comfortable with (IGL and AWP) are both occupied by CONZ (who is a beast on the big green gun).

This resulted in me trying to adapt to roles that I, while I tried my best, could not adapt to. Roles that I as a player, did not want to pursue.

Throughout my time with Vizard, I performed well, always showed up and very rarely had a bad game, but unfortunately, at the end of the day - It just wasn't what I wanted for myself.

I will be looking a for a new loving home with lads who are always down to chill.

I will continue playing for Vizard Rising until they find a new 5th, and in the event of them not finding a suitable player and me not finding a suitable team, I will close out the season with them.

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