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What is an occupation? What does loving your work feel like? Where do you get the courage to take on challenges? She's now only 30. Tiffany said she feels more free compared to her 20s. She's not being chased, and she doesn't hesitate expressing herself. She said she's starting to get used to the process of looking at herself, becoming more honest, and confessing what on the inside. The Tiffany that 'Arena' met was no longer a girl. She was an actress. She is learning to act in LA, signing up for auditions, and unfolds what she practiced nervously in front of judges. She also says she's happy. She said she's been feeling the heart fluttering feeling she had when she was 16 years old, blindly getting on a plane to Korea just because she loves music again. 30, Tiffany, who is starting to act, talked about her philosophy of work.

ARENA: How have you been?
TIFFANY: I've been in LA, attending acting school. I've been working on music, freely enjoying, and learning.

ARENA: You're already 30 years in Korean age. Has anything changed?
TIFFANY: I'm at ease, and I think it's an age where it's become clear what I want to do. It felt like I was being chased in my late 20s. Ah, and I'm still 28 years old in the US, so it feels nice, like I've bought time.

ARENA: I can't really imagine Tiffany acting. I'm curious about you learning to act.
TIFFANY: A method of approaching acting in Hollywood is the '[Sanford] Meisner Technique'. It's acting by reacting instinctively. They say it's 'acting with your heart than your brain'. Because I learned how to express my feelings sincerely, I think I act honestly at every moment.

ARENA: I think it would be an unfamiliar experience going back to the position of a rookie, going to auditions, after being active as a member of Girls' Generation.
TIFFANY: I started auditioning for movies in 2012. There were works that I passed, and some where I got to the screen test. But, at the time, Girls' Generation activities were a priority. Even until last year. I focused on group activities with my members. I officially started acting this year. The members knew I've wanted to act, so they supported and congratulated me more.

ARENA: Why? Why did you choose acting? I want to know the reason you started acting.
TIFFANY: When I would experience a hardship when I was young, Mariah Carey's 'Hero' consoled me greatly. A song embracing your heart is something like magic. Singers seemed like magicians that console their own hearts while doing the same for others. I was touched by music and decided to become a singer. I like film as much as I like music. I'm at the stage where I'm focusing on and making an attempt at something. To me, music was a happy world, but I like how film tells the deep, dark side of a story. I think acting is a world where I can show various sides of myself. So now I'm in love with acting.

ARENA: Girls' Generation has been at the top the past 11 years. It's probably the same for any field, but if you become the top, you need to sacrifice something else to maintain that.
TIFFANY: I did feel the pressure. We needed to show a greater result than what we accomplished during a tour the year before. Then, when we become an adult, you need to know how to calculate things, and the things you need to learn start to increase. We gained good results, but never thought that was matter of fact. We never did things loosely. Girls' Generation's teamwork and things we worked on were a result of us doing our best. I got here today because I did it together with my members. I learned how to do my best while promoting with Girls' Generation, which is why I'm able to attempt new things now and work hard.

ARENA: You've gotten used to working hard.
TIFFANY: Yes, that's right. It's not a trick. I think Girls' Generation showed me that you can reach a goal if you analyze things in depth and work hard. If you earnestly want something and work hard, it will eventually come true.

ARENA: Acting is a stage you're starting now. Aren't you afraid of attempting a new field?
TIFFANY: If you love something, you think of things in detail and prepare. I also found myself focusing on preparations when regarding things preciously. I've been getting the same feelings I had during my music career while studying acting. It's a stale expression, but Shakespeare said you can overcome adversity with love. If you love it, you can attempt it. If you do your best, there aren't regrets. It's interesting loving work. Because people who love their work isn't common. That's why I'm grateful. Being able to do something I love, and for meeting Girls' Generation members.

ARENA: You've fallen in love with music and now acting. You've turned 30 years old, and have become free. It seems this year is becoming a reference point for life.
TIFFANY: Yes, it is. My life goal is a 'Disney princess'. A Disney princess is optimistic even when they walk along a rugged path. Also, the story of a princess is really wanting something and eventually reaching that goal. It's the greatest role model in my life.

ARENA: Then who is your favorite Disney princess?
TIFFANY: The Little Mermaid. First, she's a princess, and she looked happy, like she has everything. However, she believes there's a bigger world outside the sea, and she gives up everything she has and goes up to the surface. With just the hope that you can find love. Isn't that incredible?

ARENA: What does it mean to love your work? Tell me the feelings you get when you love your work.
TIFFANY: It makes you not give up. I decided to become a singer in my third year of middle school, and came to Korea in just 3 weeks. With just the purpose of becoming like BoA unnie. At the time, people thought what could I do. They had the reaction that I'm losing my way after my mom passed away early, and that it would end at that. But if you love something, you won't give up on it. You keep dreaming and make attempts. Don't give up. It can't always be good with your friends, lover, or family. There are days when you fight. I think that's love. You fail while doing something you love, feel a period of lassitude, get angry... Still, you can keep doing things without quitting because of love. Just because the period of passion passes, doesn't mean the love has ended. I love acting and music.

ARENA: Isn't that two-timing?
TIFFANY: Haha. No. I did music for so long that I can't live without it now.

ARENA: You can't leave out music and talk about life.
TIFFANY: I want to try Broadway, too. Since you both music and acting with musicals.

ARENA: Is there something you want to attempt in light of turning 30, or something you want to change?
TIFFANY: Attempting to change something is hard to do, that's not me. I try to look for things that are like me. It's a stage where I try to learn and fill in what I'm lacking. I want to express myself.

ARENA: You aren't afraid of showing your true self?
TIFFANY: If I give my all, wouldn't I look pretty? Because honesty is always pretty.

ARENA: Where do you get your influence?
TIFFANY: Mostly from movies, as well as fashion design. I got influence from looking at Chagall history. Chagall believed he could do things differently from others and went to Paris, then went to New York. I felt the same way when returning to the US from Korea. It's also kind of like the Little Mermaid.

ARENA: I don't think it would be easy for an Asian actor to get opportunities in Hollywood.
TIFFANY: It's difficult. If I work hard and become an actor, wouldn't other Asians gain some hope and try auditioning? Penelope Cruz was the first foreign female actress to receive an Oscar. I gained hope by seeing that.

ARENA: Falling in love with your work is impressive. Even if you started the work enjoying it, it's common for that to be reversed.
TIFFANY: Every moment can't feel precious. Ask other artists how they got to starting this job. I gain influence from listening to their stories. Doesn't your heart flutter looking back at how you first started working?

ARENA: The reason you've gotten prettier must be because you're in love.
TIFFANY: It feels good learning and improving my skills.,


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