Chronology of events misrepresented by #SBSDateline "Swapped" #Manus #Nauru

Not only expensive and exploitative victim blaming of 2 refugees for the purpose of reinforcing "deterrence" propaganda, the chronology of events has been misrepresented.

At 15 minutes 20 seconds in -->

“I'm going back to Kansas City to see Tirab. A lot has happened for him in the last few months. … But today, he says he has good news. Tirab, and nearly 1,700 other #Manus Island detainees have won an important battle. An Australian court approved a $70 million compensation payout. Part of a class action against the Australian government, alleging physical and psychological injury as a result of detention and false imprisonment. It is the largest human rights class action settlement in Australian history. For Tirab, it's a victory after so much suffering. And now he's got something to show me. [new car] A few month ago all he owned was an alarm clock and a box of tissues.”

Dean Cornish is suggesting that the approval of the compensation settlement occurred after Tirab was sent to the US.

However, the first refugees were sent to US on 25 September, and the Slater and Gordon compensation settlement was approved on 5 September.

Twisting details to suit a warped narrative is to be expected given the entire policy is a lie, but despicable nonetheless.

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