Jack · @Rivalm8

20th Feb 2018 from TwitLonger

Cya beasts

Hope basically summed up the situation (got really unlucky with certain situations/orgs).

I can't speak for everyone but I can't play online all year with no lans (ACL or CWL). This fuckin sucks because I love competing and going to lans. Ever since my first lan ACL Brisbane 2014 I was hooked on tryna win lans not online xd. Hopefully something does change for our scene in terms of support and lans but I don't see it happening. Looking back at everything just sucks VCE and sport never allowed me to go full nerd on cod like others at the right time.

Much love to everyone in the community loved every moment and the people I met through this gaming experience. Especially to my two fav teams trident.rbl and chiefs had a solid fucking time playing with you ladsss. As for the brothas keep doing work never woulda thought making a group for cod pubs would turn into what it is now, a bunch of great friends.

Lastly for my future I'm going to put more of a focus on uni, work and get back into sport again hard.

Pce out

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