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I saw Mr Prashant Bhushan rant and quote a website called saafbaat.com. So I went to the site and I found it to be possibly a khangress tool of misinformation.

So I decided to respond line and verse to the fatherless accusations.

I will first put in a background before I come to the present


Without the background the Rafael story can never be told. The government of India had known for decades. The IAF predicted a requirement of 126 aircraft with the possible requirement of another 74. That then government of India immediately took action on the requirement. In the next election a government led by Mr Manmohan Singh (though he is called a puppet he was the de jure PM) though the power rested elsewhere. We had St Anthony as the Raksha Mantri. At the possibility of being judged unkind it has to be said they were perfect three jewelled eunuchs ever obedient to the defacto Queen of India. We can safely compare her with the “dus percenti” of Pakistan. The culture of duspercentiism started in the dynastic beginnings itself with the jeep scandal of 1948. Then we can scroll through the various loots until we reach 2004 onwards when the #Greatindianloot happened.
The present case is a failed duspercenti scam. The ones who lost out are screaming. There is the added side idea of making money from China and Pakistan who would LOVE to know what we have purchased. They also want to try to know what else was purchased but included in this purchase. These info will be a goldmine for Pakistan and China and of course for the ranters whose source of income as duspercenti or as #paadevaks are curtailed.
Now we will get into the main rant of saafbaat whose author of course remain unknown (If I am wrong anybody can point out and I will gladly correct)
Yes indeed the allegations ARE unfounded and based on comparison of oranges with apples.

As for Indian deal the figures are very much available
See http://www.rediff.com/news/special/has-india-paid-more-for-the-rafales/20171201.htm
“Fortunately, authentic figures are available for the €7.8 billion contract, signed in 2015, for 36 Rafales.
Soon after the contract was signed, a senior political leader in the National Democratic Alliance held an off-the-record briefing in New Delhi for several journalists, including this correspondent.
It was divulged that the contracted price averaged out to €91.7 million (Rs 686 crore/Rs 6.86 billion) per Rafale.
This included the purchase of 28 single-seat fighters, for €91.07 million (Rs 681 crore/Rs 6.81 billion) each; and eight twin-seat fighters, each priced at €94 million (Rs 703 crore/Rs 7.03 billion).
That puts the cost of each of the 36 'bare bones' fighters at €91.7 million (Rs 686 crore) -- totalling up to €3.3 billion.”
Further, the author will not tell you
That is the real purchase and the present purchase by Quaratar is barebones to add numbers.
24 Rafaels were earlier ordered for SEVEN BILLION DOLLARS. US$7Billion..
That works out to US$ 291 Million or Rs. 1837.5 per plane. Compare that with India’s price 9.58Billion for 36 aircraft that works out to US $263.88 – including customisation. INR 1662.5. So who got a better deal?
Now where is the 4.8 Billion Dollar foundation the author spoke of?
So point one answered
Now I will go to the next
Lie No. 2 according to saafbaat
“It ought to be remembered that it was under the ten-year tenure of the previous Government at the Centre that the earlier initiative of 2002 to meet requirement of the Indian Air Force (IAF) for much needed augmentation of its fighter strength ran aground.”
Again the editor is behaving like an idiot. In a democracy the papers received are processed and put up for final approval. Then only the political leaders are involved. Does the editorji know that the UPA government did not get its panties into a knot and start jumping up and down but waiting for the bureaucratic process to end and the FIRST STEP WAS TAKEN THREE YEARS AFTER UPA CAME INTO POWER. So will the editorji tell us what he expected NDA to do on receiving the proposal? Just jump up and order aircraft? This is another indication that the present article is a motivated rant full of lies and half-truths. Defence procurement has a process created by Congress to facilitate looting and its long and tortuous is well known.
The Defence Acquisition Council, headed by then Defence Minister A.K. Antony, approved the Request For Proposal to buy 126 aircraft in August 2007.
Let us come to the third lie of the editor of saafbaat saying that the defence minister did not veto the process in 2012.
The editor seems to have the file in front of him. Will he produce the exact wording and show what happened after 2012. It maybe stated very clearly THERE NEVER WAS ANY ‘FINAL NEGOTIATED PRICE” as Dassault refused to partner with HAL and refused to guarantee quality of HAL produced aircraft. Nothing was finalised and the negotiations were at a stalemate.
The next point made by the editor reveals his intentions very very clearly
Modi government on the …………. given a better bid for 36 planes?
A. The Airforce was being starved of platforms. For TEN YEARS UPA dillydallied and probably tried to increase and get hafta and because probably French refused to play ball and 7 race course did not give the green signal the deal was not signed. Even if the deal was signed, the weapons, MKIzation training etc would have cost THRICE the price of the plane because the hafta has to be built in.
B. Fresh tender and fresh process would have resulted in another 10 years’ loss with political blocks ALL with the intention of helping Pakistan and China. After all they are the ones probably footing the expenses of rants like this.
The short issue is who is this shadowy editor ranting for? Is it China and Pakistan or is it #Dynasty that could not loot the Nation as in the case of #thegreatindianloot starting 1948 ending in 2014. If the amounts looted were available for development India would have been the most powerful superpower.
The next point is to justify and get an alibi for the demand by saying it was OK for opposition to ask for details and not get it so it’s Ok to ask now.
This argument is hilarious. Look at the earlier paragraphs. The unnamed editor is deprecating the act of showing precedent see
“Lie 3: Always Blame your predecessor”
That somebody in opposition asked for details will not make it “realistic” The important point is when the Government said the data cannot be given the opposition accepted it, not like this with paid ranters keep on ranting about non-existent facts with lies and innuendoes to corner the Government. I am reminded about the same modus opirandi in 1999 when the opposition – read Congress and CPM – bussed in all the families of passengers in the Khandahar hijack and laid siege to PM’s residence with a certain uppercaste PB member screamed every 5 minutes that another passenger has been shot “zor se cillavo PM Hai Hai” thus pressurising PM. The news that commandoes were getting ready to assault made the woman become a mad virago shrieking à la surpanekha to prevent that.
The present campaigners and their shadowy masters hope that they can repeat 1999. Let me tell you those days are over. Keep screaming. Nothing will happen.
The poor fellow does not know that data in general terms is available publicly even now. See http://www.rediff.com/news/special/has-india-paid-more-for-the-rafales/20171201.htm
What they are asking are details that are useful to the enemy to understand what has been purchased, what are the MKIzations and what are the weapon load outs. They specifically want to know what Air to Surface missiles they can carry and whether Brahmos will be carried. The trend of the questions reveal that to any one with commonsense. That they will not succeed is another matter.
The following rant of the editor reveals everything
“Fact: Just cost break-up is ………………… by Elbit, a JV Partner of Mr Gautam Adani?”
I will answer each paragraph separately
“Just COST BREAK UP is asked. Just!! What a joke it is JUST THAT that will give the enemy the clue of what are the orders. Anyone who has worked in intelligence gathering knows data mining is getting data from various places and then collating and compiling. The nameless author thinks people are idiots. Actually he is the idiot to think others will not understand.
Let me ask a simple question. What is the need for cost breakup. What are you going to do with it? Rest of the rant in this para shows clearly the intention is to get details of what all we will have. THAT dta my dear ranter is secret and however much you try, you will not get.
Keep your eye out and you will know what’s special when we use it against your possible masters on whose behalf you maybe ranting.
The third paragraph is another idiotic statement made on the premise that he is an intellectual giant and others are idiots though the reverse is true. Elbit may supply HMDS or it maybe Russian or it maybe from Malawi. There is no need to know that. We may have a missile that will split into 6 and attack 6 different aircraft. You will hear about it when it is used. There maybe other hybrid missile and bomb systems no one has heard about and will not be heard of until they are used. Unnamed #prestitutes will not get the data as before for sale or for information.
Now comes the security agreement. Lets see what the Editorji says about it
“Facts: The Defence Minister ……………………… from releasing this information.”
It is normal that specific agreements will not be known to all unless the info is brought to the notice of the person when the question arises. It is common-sense. Don’t try to make a big deal of it. Maybe RM said it but then she was told of the agreement.
That’s a question editorji must ask his masters as to why such an agreement was signed in 2008. Maybe it does not pertain to just aircraft and it maybe an omnibus agreement that all Governments sign. The statement in the second paragraph reveals that either the author is an idiot or is a very calculating liar.
The simplest method the author could have verified the fact of whether such an agreement exists is to do an RTI inquiry. He did not do it because he knows it exists. Janatha Ka reporter a portal of doubtful provenance with an anti-national slant is being relied on is hilarious.
The next rant I will put comments after each paragraph
“Facts: Deal is same………………….. of original RFP.
Lie 1. There was NO DEAL for 500 crores ever agreed to or signed. It is incumbent on the author to show such a deal. The deal is cheaper than the Qatar deal by 200+ crores. It is not a follow on deal for vanilla Rafael.
Lie 3. There was no agreement for 20 year service. This was just a wish of the UPA that was NEVER ACCEDED TO BY DASSAULT. Nor the price for that was NOT fixed as negotiations never reached that stage.
Lie 4. Dassault had NEVER agreed to comprehensive ToT.
It is incumbent on the author to show a document with these matters agreed to and signed off. That no such document exists exposes the lie and bias of the author.
Also, HAL was to be ……………………. work-sharing?
1. True!! If wishes were horses beggars would ride. When Dassault had refused to partner with HAL even during UPA there is no question of HAL benefitting from the deal.
2. The GOI policy is to develop an MI complex and in that context the technology will go to those who can absorb it.
3. Can you show the 95% work sharing agreement please? Never heard of that. There was a 30-70 agreement talked off but never reached signing stage.
“It’s laughable that MoD is accusing previous government of not having been able to conclude the original ………………… of Government of India.”
Was it not the author who earlier lamented of NDA government doing nothing from 2001 end to 2004 beginning? If L1 bidder was announced in 2011 then, within days they should have concluded the agreements and manufacture must have commenced. That seems to be the authors logic earlier. But now he says 10 years of dragging was OK. LOL
Yes Modi scrapped a deal that was neither here nor there and was deadlocked and the situation of IAF was becoming critical. So the Gordian knot was cut. That’s administration. Not saying “I do not care what the situation of IAF is or whether we are facing war, the agreement will be signed only when the hafta is agreed and paid.
The previous BJP …………………… election funds.”
How insidious can people get!! The 700 crores is for the plain vanilla aircraft. Can the author deny that the cost of each of the 36 'bare bones' fighters at €91.7 million (Rs 686 crore)?
Here is another barefaced misinformation
Fact: Deal was signed ……………. deals are slow.
The Dassault negotiations on MMRCA was deadlocked and practically dead. Poor fellow must be nuts to think that MMRCA deal was the only thing the NDA Government had!! If RM says the agreement was concluded in 1 year. Negotiations started maybe in 2015 September. If you have other info you must show the date of the first negotiation. This is an irrelevant idiotic point that goes nowhere.
The poor fellow states
“Even after the new …………………… changed the deal on its head arbitrarily?”
These agreements are never stand alone agreements. There will be nuances that will be kept under wraps. One example is that of the nuclear reactor for Arihant. Was it ever announced? Does the public know of all the deals entered into by the GOI with Russians on defence matters?
It is only enemies of the nation in cahoots with enemy countries that will scream lack of trust because they want to help the enemies of the Nation.
“Fact: The negotiations …………………., let us still blame the predecessor.”
If everything was completed and ready all that was needed was to sign the agreement. Then why was there a stalemate? Can the author explain if everything was honkeydory why did UPA not sign the contract and take the hafta as was the practice of UPA?
Further, no Indian …………………., dated Oct 27, 2017.
The obligation to officially inform the GOI about the partner for offset arises “at the time of seeking offset credits, or one year prior to discharge of offset obligation.”
Has any of those contingencies arisesn? We are talking of OFFICIAL statements not talk in the market. For #prestitutes “talk in the market” is fofdder for ranting but Government cannot do the same.
The next are spacious gassing to bolster the lies:-

The whole world knows what variant of Rafale we are buying. Anyone can go to the Dassault aviation website, and see the compatible weapons of the F3R standard of Rafale.
True indeed. But what exactly we bought is the question the author’s masters or their masters maybe asking. They will know whether there was any customisation from the price paid and the price of the standard equipment. This will help in planning countermeasures. Anybody with commonsense knows that. If everything was available in open source why would there be any secrecy in any armed forces?
When the …………………remember these?
But does any of these general non-technical statements give away the details of customisations?
Our enemies ……………. be bought at.
This is idiocy of the first class. If just going to market all details can be known, then why the secrecy at all? Then why did UPA refuse to divulge details on at least 14 cases in 10 years? Illogical idiocies do not deserve a reply.
The author says
“Just today, I saw a ……………….. with much propaganda, and still attack the person who was demanding it.”
Whats stated is s follows in the website:-
• Each aircraft costs rs 610 crore, fully loaded aircraft cost will reveal capabilities
• The cost of fully loaded aircraft is not being shared for strategic reasons
• Sharing cost can give away details of weapons loaded and overall capabilities
• Rafales to be loaded with different weapon systems for western and eastern borders
I challenge the author to give ANY details other than name of the weaponry purchased. He will not be able to do that.
The usage of words like “Bhakt” by this author shows he is a #paadsevak of the #Dynasty working for money to rant against Modi and BJP. I took this effort just to show up this website of doubtful parentage.

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