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12th Feb 2018 from TwitLonger

Time has come ~

So first off to start, I'd like to thank Reem and pac for being so great to us and always trying to give us what we needed. And the Ronin guys, even though our time together was really short they were really helpful and kind people.

So, first things first. I've been told by some ppl that some things were said behind my back and since they all ghosted me after the lan and didn't say anything I knew I was gonna get the 8< To give my take on things, meeting my girl made me able to stand practicing with this team. I have no clue how many pracs I went through where some people said maybe 20 words in the whole night. Literally made me want to die. And no matter how many talks we had it never ever changed.Not to mention the waking up 10mins b4 prac and showing up high, not knowing what fucking planet they were on. Or being late. For some reason we had this thing where we liked to have little to no hours before attending events that we went to. Two teamates should not have a combined 60hrs before attending a lan to play for our pro spot. To me that is just not right at all. Also shows how little practice we put into the game before the mdl lan.. lmao

In my eyes we had a leadership issue. No one wanted to take responsibility. At mdl myself and dazzle ended up calling for some odd reason with help from oso during our mirage game vs soar before he got yelled at to let our igl who forgot how to call. Almost every round we won on that t side was because of oso's calls. I was never given a reason as to why I was cut, I guess it is because I played my worst game of cs I ever have when it matter'd most. It just really is not fair in my eyes because I was the youngest one on the team, I had to yell the loudest, call with dazzle and oso because our igl forgot how to, call almost every ct setup, and try to focus on entry fragging the best I could.
A little insight of my gameplay on inferno, I remember one round I apopogized for doing bad and Dazzle was like bro don't sweat it you are making crazy space for us you are doing great. Guess they forgot about that one heh. And I have always been the kind of player where if I have a good start to a game I usually own the whole game, but since I started off so bad that game on ct side I tried to do all of the things i would normally do but since I had been shit at the start of the game they were just owning me and it sucks but it happens . I did not let it effect me and I still called our ct side until everything I was calling just did not work, then I got a bit quite but I find it reasonable since everything I called just did not work at all. Who knows.
To Brandon and Jerry. You guys were always so helpful and good at cheering me up while I was down, gonna miss you guys. After teaming with a squad for like 8 months you really start to see them as family and it hurt super bad when all 6 of you ghosted me and did not bother to tell me what was going on. But it is what it is in the end. Gl this season see you on the flip.

Anyways there's no reason so go further, just thought the guy that talked shit behind my back deserved a little back his way since he couldn't say shit to my face or even bother to msg me... Had a lot of great memories throughout playing this game, been to a lot of places and met many cool ass people. No clue whats going to happen with me but I might try to join a different team, if I don't I will not be playing anymore and I will focus on my education and getting more fit and reaching my goals. Thanks to everyone who supported me, and to the fans I let down at mdl, I am so sorry. It will never happen again. I promise.
Lil extra: I wrote the paragraph above before I had a short term with ronin. Playing with ronin just didn't feel right. After playing with Rise for as long as I did playing with new people just felt so weird. I decided to step down after losing in the ecs qually on saturday, even though i was pondering the thought as soon as we lost to rogue. I could not hold RZU or Riko back. They are really sick players with good mindsets. I have decided to quit playing or take an extended break from comp cs. I'll be finishing my online english classes then will be attending school in the fall. To the people who follow me on twitter for cs stuff I understand if you unfollow me. For those who follow me because they are friends and such feel free to stay as I will be posting more pics and such as I progress with my fitness goals and just my life in general. It was a wild ride. Thanks for the good times <3

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