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12th Feb 2018 from TwitLonger

After OpTic and moving forward

Hey guys, I haven't really communicated the last couple of days after the new OpTic team was released. Sorry for that but had to finalize some talks with them regarding contract etc.

Playing for OpTic has been a pleasure, we had a lot of fun and I think that we did OK with the team even though our main goal was to qualify for the major, we had some issues with our map pool which made us a bit weaker in the play-off stages of tournaments, but we made it out of groups in everyone we attended except for the ECS finals, ended up ranked #11 in the world after just a few months playing as a team, which I am proud of.

I never tried being in-game leader before but that was the position that the team needed when we created it, and I learned a lot doing it. It's definately more demanding and I have worked very hard on it during my time in OpTic, something I can continue doing in another team if that's needed.

Moving forward I still feel the hunger and will to keep on playing, I still believe in myself that I can compete in the top level of CSGO. So I asked to be released from my contract with OpTic and will now continue looking for a team to play with.

I had a great time in OpTic, so big thanks to the management and like everyone is saying, Hector (@OpTicH3CZ) is a genuinely great guy and took really good care of us. Also thanks to everyone that I played with and our coach ImAPet, also a really hard worker who spends enormous amount of time for the team.

I will most likely stream in the coming weeks until something new comes up! Over'n'out // Adam

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