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11th Feb 2018 from TwitLonger

On the Venessa Felz radio prog and had a surprisingly easy ride for an anarchist agitator - cos I was in ' plucky pensioner taking on a David and Goliath struggle' mode' rather than crazed anarchist'.
Lisa Mckenzie told me later that I have now become 'a national treasure - like Alan Bennet' confirmed by Suzanne Moore writing ' I adore Ian Bone' in a wonderfully perceptive and generous piece.
I prefer the Gramscian analysis. Most of the time Class War's views are not shared by the majority of our class. Now however the housing issue - as described in brilliant poster below - means that most of our class agree with us and not with them. So it is possible in this short class conscious eclipse opportunity for pensioner to defeat the Qatari royals.
The key is how quick we can push further while comrade Gramsci smiles on us. So YOU need to shove us across the Rubicon comrades - within the next fortnight CLASS WAR will be organising a major action on housing in London. You need to come not cheerlead. The poster says it all succinctly - its flying out round the world - print some off, stick em around.
Ii don't wanna be a national treasure - help me out - keep me dangerous..........COME ON THE FUCKING STREETS THEN OUR FUCKING TIME WILL HAVE COME!

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