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9th Feb 2018 from TwitLonger

ANZ HGC Pre Season Qualifiers - Who will qualify?

Going into the last week of the preseason qualifiers there are 6 teams which could qualify in the 5 available spots. Two of these spots are already guaranteed to Rich Gang and GG Go Next, who even if they lose all three games in the last week would qualify.
This leaves Downfall Gaming, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, QM Warriors and Nekomimi trying to not be the team that remains in Open Division. These are the requirements for each team to qualify.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse - Beat Rich Gang or GG Go next

Winning one of their two games would put MMCH up to 11 points. Even if QM Warriors win all three games they would only go up to 11 points. MMCH Won the head-to-head so they would qualify.

Nekomimi - Beat Downfall or Saboteur OR QM Warriors lose to Team Celery, Wolf Pack or Salty Dogz Remastered

QM Warriors can only reach 11 points if they win all of their games. Nekomimi win the head to head vs QM Warriors, so they only need to reach 11 points. This can be done by beating either Downfall or Saboteur. Failing that, QM Warriors can lose a game against Team Celery, Wolf Pack or Salty Dogz Remastered and not reach 11 points.

Downfall Gaming - Beat Nekomini OR Beat Rich Gang OR QM Warriors lose to Team Celery, Wolf Pack or Salty Dogz Remastered

If Downfall beat Nekomimi it is impossible for Nekomimi or QM Warriors to get as many points as Downfall. If Nekomimi beat Downfall, Downfall have one of two ways to qualify - Beat Rich Gang and get to 12 points, which QM Warriors cannot reach, or failing that, hope QM Warriors lose on of their three games in the last week, as they need all three to reach 11 points.

QM Warriors - Beat Team Celery, Wolf Pack and Salty Dogz Remastered AND EITHER Nekomimi lose to Downfall and Saboteur OR Downfall lose to Nekomimi and Rich Gang

This is the most unlikely team to qualify. Unless they get all three wins they will not have enough points to be ahead of Nekomimi, who they lose to in the head-to-head, or tie with Downfall, who they do beat in the head-to-head. Even after winning all three games, Downfall or Nekomimi have to lose both of their games in order to be at low enough points to lose to QM Warriors.

With all of this in mind, it is most likely that Rich Gang, GG Go Next, Downfall Gaming, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Nekomimi qualify into HGC ANZ Premier, with QM Warriors likely to make one of the two spots to try and get into HGC ANZ Premier in the second phase.

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