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8th Feb 2018 from TwitLonger

Changes to Envy RL

tl;dr - EyeIgnite joins as a starter, gReazymeister moved to substitute role

Being easily the hardest decision I’ve made to a team so far, we've decided to make a last minute change to the starting lineup after numerous of disappointing results over the course of the last 5 months. As of today, Envy will be going into Season 5 of RLCS with EyeIgnite taking gReazymeister’s starting position, with gReazy himself moving to a substitute role for the team. While it is nearly impossible to pinpoint the biggest weakness in our team, it has become clear that for all of us it’s better to change things up moving forward. Having not a single player underperforming more than the others makes it very hard to simply find a solution that fixes the team entirely.

After a very disappointing RLCS run, the lack of motivation from all of us prior to the league ended up hitting us hard. We had a result way below expectations and figured the laziness got to us. In the back of my mind I always sort of felt the possibility of there being more issues and not just the lack of motivation to play more. Our individual and team performances when playing in tournaments together were not up to par with the other teams, but playing anywhere else I’ve never seen any of us fall far behind other players (think of Rank S, scrims, ranked). I’ve only truly made up my mind on our team composition after Leipzig (and our online results before that), having 3 good players on a team doesn’t always mean they will always do well in the long run. Unfortunately we, and many others, believe that was the case for us. Three players who could still easily compete on RLCS level individually, just not together, and it sucks when it has always been one of the primary things I’ve tried to avoid when building a team.

Absolutely loved the time we’ve been able to spend with gReazy, who remains to be one of my best friends to this day, and I have no doubt in my mind we will be seeing way more of him in future seasons. Hopefully in an environment where he can perform at his best as well. It’s now time for something new, it’s a risk we are willing to take and do everything we can to make it work. We’re very excited to be heading into the new season with new talent looking to get to the top. Let’s work on a more consistent future.

Much love to those sticking with us on our journey even through rough patches, you the best

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