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7th Feb 2018 from TwitLonger

Tricked, used and robbed of playoffs spot in Open Division by Jigsaw Management.

TL;DR: I am currently writing this together with Lateks, Caspere, Leodeddz and Invision,
here to explain our situation as players for Team Jigsaw with proof to backup our story. We are currently losing our spot for the playoffs in the Open Division that most of us earned through playing and showing up to everything since day 1. This is due to disagreeing with certain decision makings by the management being heavily influenced by a new member who is good friends with the coach, who brought him in by replacing a core member against our will. The way things are handled are both shady and unprofessional.

Proof is kept off public, but can be requested.

The whole story:
Lateks and Caspere were brought into «Jigsaw» to build a team, starting off as the core - later on adding Leodeddz, Invision, iPN, Vonethil.
Together we had a good atmosphere, motivation, and trust in eachother to improve as a team and compete for a Contenders spot through the Open Division. We saw potential in eachother and improved in a satisfying speed through every loss or win in scrims. After first weekend of open division games iPN had to be afk for 1 week due to urgent personal reasons, and as a step in we had Mr.Beck.
Coming back, iPN had informed the management that he was not confident in his play yet because of the recovery and believed playing another weekend with Mr.Beck would be the most optimal choice, while he get back his confidence through scrims or comp, and the fact he would commit to Jigsaw, but had other tryouts with teams he could not reveal. This was kept in the dark from us by the management. Later on, management decided to make decisions without us being aware until it was implemented. They decided to bring in Rubikon over iPN, and Matth over Caspere, without us knowing and being strongly against this decision when it happened.
However, Ionzstorm/Razorwire (the owner of Jigsaw) owns the Open Division spot so he has the final say on who stays and who goes.

Our coach Mendzel are good friends with Matth, and this is when everything started going downhill. Matth got brought into the team as a recommendation from Mendzel, and Matth suggested another player to take over Invision's spot without having played with the team yet. Through warnings by other people in the scene they informed us about Matth's attitude and causes in past teams, but we overlooked this because it's just what people say. We accepted him with an open mind even though we disagreed with replacing Caspere. This is where the good atmosphere of the team turned into a hostile one. Matth was constantly throwing negative comments during scrims and outside, ruining the experience and effectiveness of practice. He would critize others constantly, but would hardly ever take any himself, and next thing we know, we're in a situation of a team with a split group of players. After a while under the hostile environment, the core decided to contact the management about bringing Caspere back. This is when we found out that Matth and Mendzel had decided to make plans on their own and us contacting put things in motion.

On Monday, Mendzel contacted all the players to a meeting, and this is when everything got brought out. Matth wanted to kick Leodeddz and Invision, meanwhile knowing the core wanted Caspere back. Matth said he doesn't believe in the team and would probably leave anyway, and Rubikon followed up. After this we never came to a conclussion to what was going to happen, because all of the management was not present, all scrims were canceled that day.

We then proceeded to inform the management about the meeting, and after hours we were told it would be looked into, and were never reached back.

Tuesday, on our day off, we find out through printscreens that the other half is scrimming with new players on their smurfs in order to hide from us that they were playing, while having management members in spectate. The management appeared offline the entire day and ignored our concerns about this again.

Wednesday, we saw the battlefly team had been changed, where iPN and Caspere were out, and 3 new players were added to replace Lateks – Leodeddz – Invision, and they were scrimming again. We had no idea about this and found out ourselves. We've been ghosted this whole time.

FYI. These new players are not aware of what is going on, or atleast some of them.
So the core who has played in every single scrim, every official, attended every vod review, meeting, the ones who qualified for playoffs in the Open Divison, etc. got ROBBED off the spot that they have worked hard for and earned. We are currently writing this because the management refuses to communicate with us. We are kept in the dark, the roster locks soon, and we can't go over to other playoffs teams because its against the rules, so the only way we can play is we individually gets picked up for contenders teams which is practically already set, and this worries us.
We may have lost our chances within this team, but we are hoping with this message that this situation won't happen with other players, is something no one should ever go through, and should never be repeated within any esport.

Do NOT let a random management team create the open team for you, they'll get full power over it. We learnt our lesson.

A similar situation has also happened in the Jigsaw managements' previous team, Esporati.

Thank you for your understanding, we're all going to be free agents, but plan to stick together to practice.

You may reach us at:


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