Thank You

First and foremost, I want to thank all of the fans for supporting me throughout my time with Team Liquid (and before). I am truly blessed and so thankful for each of you – without you, I am nothing in this game. No matter what happens next, I hope that you will continue to follow me on this journey.

As for the current situation – I did not expect it. Personally, I didn’t think a roster change was needed. We just got Steel as our 5th and have yet to be able to consistently practice with our set 5 because of ESL and Major rules. So, over the past 2 to 3 months (keep in mind we had breaks for Thanksgiving and Christmas) we have been going back and forth between practicing with Zews and Steel. We were never able to consistently practice and grow as a set 5, which is what frustrates me the most. When we got back from the Major (where we exceeded our expectations), it felt really good to finally start working towards improving as a team. Over the past three months, I’ve worked hard to develop into a more well-rounded player and think that I’ve made a lot of progress. I’ve never been more confident in myself and my game play. With that said, I know there have been plenty of moments with Liquid where I could have done better. I could sit here and give you a million reasons why I didn’t perform, but in the end, it doesn’t matter. What really matters is that I’ve taken those moments and used them to become a better player and teammate. No regrets for me besides ever doubting myself. I’ve learned that doubting yourself, only limits yourself, and that’s definitely a mistake I will not make again.

So, what’s next for me? I will get back to streaming more often (find me at and prepping for IEM Katowice, which will be my last event with Liquid. After we win Katowice (we probably will now), I plan on continuing to compete. I see myself improving daily, and am confident that I can add value to any team, if given the chance. For any teams that might be interested, DM me!

Lastly, I want to give a few shout outs. To my teammates – thank you for everything. You are all studs and I know you will continue to kill it. Joka, thanks for all the help you’ve given me during my time with Liquid. Zews, you’re a bother of mine and we’ve been through so much together. I’ve learned a lot from you and am so glad I was able to kick it with you this whole time. I’m going to miss that. To the Liquid organization, thank you for this opportunity and the experience. I’ve learned so much and am forever grateful for that. I also want to thank all of the Liquid sponsors. And to all of the Liquid staff, including the 1up Crew, you have been wonderful to work with and I feel very blessed to have met you all.


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