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7th Feb 2018 from TwitLonger

Announcement: ESL have informed us that we no longer qualify for Y3S1 Pro League

Announcement: ESL have informed us that we no longer qualify for Year 3 Season 1 Pro League, the spot has been stolen by the Swedes

Unfortunately, this isn't the twitlonger I wanted to make.

I wanted to make one in a week or two announcing a potential partnership with a well established organisation (we are finalising some contract details) and our new players (Ferral and sTiZze, not much of a surprise to some).

In some of my last Twitlongers I spoke about how it's a shame to lose Renuilz and Secretly. They were obviously both unhappy with the way things went regarding our results. We wished them all the best on wherever they would go.

Our Pro League spot was quietly moved into the Swedes possession after they put in a support ticket to "claim" it.

So, here's the story:

After the departure of the two Swedes, we were initially worried that they would immediately form a team and claim the Pro League spot. Due to this we quickly sprung into action. We inquired about Leon with ESL as to whether he counted towards the 3/5 rule. We explained his ESL history on the team. ESL was quick to respond that their rules state that he qualifies for the 3/5 rule and that we had the requirements to take the Pro League spot for the next season. Screenshot included:

I even spoke with Secretly about him potentially forming a new team with Renuilz, sno0ken and then contesting our Pro League spot. He said he would only do it if he could get Fabian, Redgroove and if sno0kens real life died down enough for him to play competitively again. All this was extremely unlikely to happen and isn't going to happening. Their current roster at this moment in time consists of just the 3 Swedes. Screenshots provided about the conversation with Secretly and also of Tankninjaz adding claim to sno0ken's real life being too busy:

But hey, lied to my face again by someone I trusted. Backstabbed by the people I once called friends... Again.

Almost exactly one year ago, we were "backstabbed" in an extremely similar way to the situation we're currently in. A nationality majority, one player being kicked/removed due to poor performance, being replaced after a short period of time. Several months later, one player leaves and the other follows shortly. The three players then band together in secret and use the 3/5 ESL Rule to quietly steal the Pro League spot. Their intentions are never made directly, no upfront honesty, no honour in their actions. It's all done in the shadows and quickly shoved under the rug.

Did I receive an official message from ESL to inform me of this decision? Nope. I got a discord DM from a friend who's an admin letting me know what happened without my knowledge. I had to put in a support ticket to contest the case before I got a formal answer.

The case made against us by ESL/the Swedes is that simply;

"sno0ken counts more than Leon because he's played more games" - referring to the "over 50% of games played" 'rule'.
After reading the entire rulebook I was surprised to find that this rule doesn't actually exist and had been completely made up. I believed this rule was real for quite some time but I implore you to read the Pro League rulebook and try to find it. After this I guarantee it'll be in Year 3 Season 1's rulebook.

ESL's only justification, their only point/argument, despite them already agreeing that Leon is core and that we have/had the Pro League spot, they refuse to even acknowledge the point in my support ticket that states the 'number of games played' rule doesn't exist. They're ignoring my entire counter argument, they refuse to admit or deny whether the rule exists.

I'm hearing rumours recently that sno0ken will only play 1 game and then be replaced due to how busy he is IRL. If this turns out to be true then there is no way that sno0ken can be worth more than Leon if he doesn't intend to play the full season. But, like I said, these are just rumours and are to be taken with a grain of salt.

ESL said "We will improve our rules in the upcoming seasons to make sure these unclear situations do not happen again." but it's too late. It's already happened AGAIN, to the same people! This is an absolute outrage!

I fully see the reasoning behind the 3/5 rule but there needs to be more to protect the older players in the team from this happening. It's so easy for players to steal a teams spot over a course of time.

Two years of my life I've dedicated to this game and at the end of both years I've been hit with strife, hardships and deception. Just when you feel like everything's getting better. Just when the big orgs start talking to you. Just when Siege starts skyrocketing into the public eye of esports, this happens again. Everything that I have struggled for, everything that I had to strive for, ruined again, in a single moment.

My real life situation is difficult and awkward, I can't be short of a monetary income due to circumstances. I have dedicated myself to this game fully to this game for two years and will continue to do so - this is a dream job for so many people I was able to live it.

If we're unable to claim our rightful spot back then what's next for us is to qualify for Challenger League and then make our way into Pro League during the 1st season of Year 3. The 1st season is set to be 3 months long but the 2nd onwards is planned to be 6 months - this is something I certainly can not miss out on.

As always, our fans are a huge driving force behind us and we want to say thank you for supporting us through thick and thin. Our new team is currently performing an a phenomenal level during scrims and in GO4's vs other top tier teams.

Honestly, this is the best roster/team that I've ever been a part of. It's refreshing to have the entire team on such friendly terms. Scrims end and everyone stays around in teamspeak, talks tactics, queue ranked, watches vods together, play other games together, ect.
I wholeheartedly believe that this team is more than good enough for LAN. We just need the chance to prove ourselves.

Regardless of this unfortunate news, I would like you all to please welcome our two new players:

Fxrral & sTiZze

Please give them a follow on twitter:

Thank you for reading,
Hopefully the future isn't as dark as it seems now.

- meepeY

P.S. For those who are as disappointed and are as disgruntled as we are, please don't aim any of your frustrations towards BK-201, he's just doing his job and following the orders of his superiors. I respect that & we still remain friends regardless of him fulfilling his ESL duties.

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