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7th Feb 2018 from TwitLonger

Update on the @PENTA_Sports R6S Academy roster

After being forced to pick up two new players during the Invitational Qualifier Ladder we

realised that things were not really working out for our lineup at the time. After trying and

testing and some internal issues we decided to release @Syred_R6 and @uNiqxR6S from our roster

and wish them all the best.
In turn we welcome @Lambooy_, @karzheka_R6s as our two new main players and @QuadzyOP as our


With integrating Quadzy and Lambooy into our team it enables us to play in the Benelux Go4

series due to now fulfilling the 3/5 players requirement. Once Quadzy and Lambooy finish the

upcoming Benelux LAN finals with their current team "Defuse Kids" we will be attempting to reach

the following LAN finals as PENTA Academy together.

And for clarification, our current lineup is as follows:
@R6Yami - @movetaho - @GreenSmileR6 - @Lambooy_ - @karzheka_R6s | Substitute: @QuadzyOP | Coach:


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