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6th Feb 2018 from TwitLonger


Today, I'm "benched" from LDLC. I absolutely gave all my energy to this project and I can't hide it was two exhausting years. I have been demanding with my players and sometimes I have been very tough with some of them, especially with the firsts versions and it created some resentment, but it was for good reasons...
Lately, I was not agreeing with a lot of things, and I put into question a lot of things aswell. We had past the point of no return obviously. And I'm the one who is kicked. I respect it!
I would have really liked to see us in the top15, I felt we only should change some 'details' to reach that.
Although I'm deeply disappointed on some points, especially about this last month together and the contribution of the new staff but still, I wish good luck to LDLC because there are no bad people in this project and I think there is a good potential.
And I don't want to see, all our efforts led to failure. So I hope they will continue to improve the initial project and reach the goal: it's not that far.
I will keep the good memories in mind in the futur.
And I want to finish by saying that LDLC is a really great structure!
See you soon!

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