Outlaws HotS Feb 5th Update

In light of recent events in the ANZ Heroes of the Storm competitive community, we’d like to publicly clear the air surrounding the Outlaws HotS team.

In regards to player ‘poaching/replacements’…
NO player is leaving our current Outlaws HotS roster. Furthermore, there are no plans to change the players currently in the team roster. We believe in our boys; Hykkup, Gondo, Coffee, Laharl, and IBW. They are a strong team unit who have been working hard in the lead up to the Premier Division, and we believe the boys will be a real threat to the other top tier teams this season.

An announcement…
We’d like to welcome Laharl to the Team Captain role of Outlaws HotS - taking over from Hykkup. Hykkup will continue to be the support player for Outlaws HotS, with Laharl taking the reins on leadership alongside Team Manager, PAND4M0N1UM. We look forward to seeing the team continue to blossom under this new direction.

Outlaws appreciates the passion the ANZ Heroes of the Storm community has for the scene, and we will continue to be involved as the scene develops over the coming season.

Make sure you catch the Outlaws HotS team on Tuesday, February 27th as they kick off the #HGCANZ Premier Division. And follow the team on Twitter to stay up to date on our journey to #TakeTheCrown…

Laharl (Team Captain, Flex): @KibaBaxter
IBW (Tank): @iceboiledwater
Hykkup (Support): @Hykkup
Coffee (Ranged DPS): @Coffee_HotS
Gondo (Solo Lane): @GondoTheBoo
Panda (Team Manager): @PAND4M0N1UM

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