Thomas Holt · @loki_diego

14th Jan 2018 from TwitLonger

Hi everyone,

Even after seeing so many twitlongers from former co-workers and community members, I think this may very well be my first time using it. Oh well. New year - new things - new beginnings.

I wanted to let you all know that I’m no longer working at HiRez or on Paladins. I am thankful for my time at the studio and the opportunity to work and play with the amazing players in both the SMITE and Paladins communities. The game and the studio have changed so much but you, & the friends I met and worked with along the way, were always the best part of the job.

I obviously will no longer be able to spoil content (after April/May I’d be in the dark as well anyway) or speak to development choices, but if you are still interested in or have a passion for art, games, development, travel, animated gifs, and delicious food please feel free to stick around. I can’t say much about what’s next for me but will share when I can.

Much Love.

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