YH: Hello Everyone! We are
YH&CM: Tohoshinki.
YH: Please enjoy watching our web video that is released for the first time now.
YH&CM: Enjoy!

Q. How did you feel about some changes you noticed in other person when you restarted your activities?
CM: These days, I feel that Yunho has … well .. it is the about the change of his appearance, how he looks.. he has lost some weight and he looks leaner …
CM: Yes, yes, yes.. he looks great!
YH: Well… thank you so much!
YH: About Changmin, I feel that he has matured a lot. Of course, we live together, but we didn’t contact each other very much in old days.. but now we have been able to contact each other very often .. and Changmin asks me for example, “What are you doing now?”. I guess he cares about me.. well I am not so sure about that.. hahaha
CM: (deep breath – exhale w)

Q. What did you do for the first time when you came to Japan this time?
CM: I really wanted to do many things.. but once I came here, I mean came to Japan, we went home and took some rest.
YH: Yes.
CM: It was nothing special. Until very recently, Yunho was on diet, he was not able to eat ramen. But finally he stopped dieting and we went to a ramen restaurant together.
YH: Yes, the two of us went there together.
YH: I realized, “Wow, this is the taste of Japanese ramen.”
CM: He looked really happy like, “This is the best!”
YH: I was really happy. (note: I can't get his words) I enjoyed the best.
CM: The taste of ramen brought us back to good old days.
YH: Yes. it did.

Q. Please say something to your fans in Japan.
YH: This time, with the song, “Reboot” I am happy that we were able to say hello to you for the first time after the hiatus. Just like the title says, this is our restart. I think that with this song, everyone can enjoy our cool and dynamic performance. Please listen to the song often.
CM: Because we are now in the New Year so the song, Reboot, is suited to customers who are at Karaoke places too. Please reboot yourself and enjoy singing to make fantastic memories together.
YH: Wow, you nailed it! You nailed it!

CM: Hi everyone. How was it? Please sing our songs a lot at a Karaoke place. Well, then
CM&YH: We are Tohoshinki!

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