Statement regarding our CS:GO team

Last week we announced that our CS:GO team will no longer continue in our organization. In the end, heku, INSES, SADDYX, pietola and wils0n played for a few months with some good results and the direction seemed to be right.

A few weeks back INSES announced that he'll take a break from gaming, as his military service was coming up. We looked for a fifth, but couldn't find a fitting piece to our line-up. Therefore, a couple of days ago we decided together to not continue as a team and that the players were free to pursue other paths.

Personally, I want to say that heku, who has been with Conquer Gaming since the beginning, has been a great support in everything, done exemplary work as a captain and at maintaining the team. pietola joined the team in May 2017, and his dedication and work have been so admirable that I knew from the beginning this was going to be great and we would be making only progress. As a manager, I wanted to help the boys stay motivated and quickly noticed it didn't take much effort. pietola's motivation ingame as well as outside it has been so high that it influenced others too. wils0n joined the team soon after pietola and was an excellent pick, consistent player and took care of his part well. As pietola and wils0n are most likely joining NYYRIKKI, I hope they will achieve what they wish to on their careers. The young stars SADDYX and INSES joined the team a few months back, and along with their great individual skills brought young spirit and new aspect to the game.

With this line-up I couldn't be anything but pleased, and it has been brilliant working with them. The feeling of watching them play was always indescribably awesome, to the extent that I was getting complaints from neighbours for cheering so loud.

Many thanks to heku, pietola, wils0n, SADDYX and INSES. I wish you all the best in the future, and thank you for what we achieved with Conquer :)

Conquer Gaming will carry on with confidence, actively moving eSports forward, and will be seen again in CS:GO scene, as well as in other games.

Wishing a great year for everyone,


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