There is this scene in which Kala and Bug are in a car and she goes like "oh my ganesha" and you see both Rajan and Wolfie and you can understand they are there physically together because Rajan looks into wolfie's eyes. Kala as usual doesn't know what to do and Bug reminds her that as a sensate she can do many things at the same time which means she can hug Rajan and kiss Wolfgang. She thinks about it, smiles, and tries to do it. So we see two Kalas, one hugging Rajan and one kissing Wolfgang in one fucking place! ( if I remember correctly) I honestly think she was confused about her feelings towards Rajan but somehow she realized she loves him too. It's more than caring and not wanted to hurt him. Maybe in the special he will do something for her that will make her see him under a new light. Don't get me wrong I'm a Kalagang girl I just didn't fine the whole scene disturbing... if Wolfie is fine with the thing and Kala is too then I don't know, they can make it work somehow. It's the twenty first century people!

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