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30th Dec 2017 from TwitLonger is a fraud.

Short version below - More details & video with all the details coming soon (bought by Vlad Nov, owner Skinhub) has been exposed for being rigged and running the biggest fraud in the history of CS:GO gambling; their 'provably fair' system is staged and they used bots to play against their customers.
We found an exploit to track ALL bets and Steam IDs (which they tried to hide) on Wild and we found their bot accounts which they used to bet against their customers.

Example account: - 316 wins and 58 losses on Wild.
Steam account created yesterday (proof: Note that it's impossible to trade on Steam if you haven't been registered for at least 15 days, making it impossible to deposit on Wild in the first place.

Screenshot of viewing Steam IDs and other bet data by listening to the websocket data:

There were multiple other bot accounts that were constantly playing against the customers. Most of the bots were created less than 15 days ago and after Vlad Nov found out that he had been exposed, he decided to take down all the bots and set their profile to private.

However, we have ALL the bets of the past 48 hours saved in a massive file (

More details of the entire scheme will be posted soon, with more information about CSGOWild's bot accounts and advanced explanations about how the provably fair system on CSGOWild is blatantly faked.

Screenshots: - Bot profile in the above screenshot, registered on 24th of December: - Last bet by Jeffy (bot) before shutting down the bots after being caught - Registeration date of the bot that won 316/374 rounds (Pick up a calculator and find out how incredibly unlikely this would be to happen legitimately) - Listening to the websocket connection to view Steam IDs and other bet data, despite csgowild trying to hide them - Screenshot of the technical explanation of the fake provably fair system; nowhere it states the fact that the site operators (Vlad Nov) has access to the secret seed, thus giving him access to view all coinflip outcomes BEFORE entering the round. This is a fundamental issue with provably fair systems in Player vs. Player sites, as the site operators can always rig it by viewing the results beforehand and betting accordingly. DO NOT trust any PvP site (jackpot, coinflip etc.) that claims to be 'provably fair' *points at Phantoml0rd, Ezskins and CSGOShuffle*

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