KingGeorge · @KingGeorge

22nd Dec 2017 from TwitLonger

Taking a break from Pro play bc of family health issues.

I will be taking some personal time off from professional play. I will continue to stream and do youtube as normal, its the highlight of my day, and some of the only times during the day I feel carefree. My grandfather was diagnosed with dementia around 7 years ago, it was mostly stable until this last year. Just before the gamescomm lan finals we were told he had months to live at most. I have not really told anyone about this including my teammates as I have tried to stay positive, but it has been heavily influencing my game play lately. I personally have not been able to spend anywhere near as much time with my family as I would like to. This has been causing me to not sleep and have a tremendous amount of stress, I want to take some time off as they are now telling us it is anytime. Easily from 1nf will be taking my place, and I will move to a sub spot. Thank you everyone for understanding, and gl to the team.

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