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21st Dec 2017 from TwitLonger

TEAM VAULT: WESG Americas Finals Crowdfunding

Hi, my name is sickLy, I'm a Counter-Strike Global Offensive player. I am the captain of the Colombian team VAULT and this post is for telling you a little about the situation that we are going through at this moment.

We won the first place in Northern SouthAmerica qualifiers from WESG and we got the Americas finals spot, which we also attended last year. Due to problems of Logistics, the WESG organization decided to do this phase of the tournament ONLINE because of problems with VISAS after having been announced to be held in Santa Ana-California. there was a change of plans.
We were assigned to the South America group (being from South America obviously), and in this phase we must compete against teams from Brazil, Chile, Argentina and Peru for a $ 37,500 USD Prizepool. Due to our geographical location, our internet connection travels to Miami / United States initially and then returns to South America, as it is quite difficult to cross the Amazon jungle to interconnect Colombia with Brazil, Peru, etc.
Therefore, and according to this it is impossible for us to compete Online with 250ms of ping in servers in Brazil. We do not have an organization with so many economic resources to take us to play this championship since 1 month ago we were in Lima / Peru playing a LAN tournament and we won but whose prize will be paid in the next 90 days as usual in these events. That is why we want to call on you to help us collect the money necessary to travel to Brazil to compete and repeat our spot in the WESG world finals and represent the continent and our country in this 1.5M Prize Dollar event. I know it is an almost impossible task, to collect $ 6000 Dollars in little more than a month is almost dreamer, but last year nobody believed in us and we managed to surprise and qualify to the world finals, this time we want to improve it and continue to pursue our dream of living of the game that we love, because when belonging to this region the chances of testing our conditions internationally are few and WESG as such is one of the only tournaments that allow us to prove ourselves in big tournaments.

We are a serious group that works hard and we will prepare ourselves in the best way to improve our previous result.

Thank you for your time and below I leave the data in case
Some are interested.

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