[TRANS] Gyao TOHOSHINKI Interview on releasing new single Reboot/Begin Again

YH: Hi everyone who is watching Gyao. Hello! We are
YH&CM: Tohoshinki.

Re: The first single “Reboot” for re-starting
YH: The single this time is..
CM: Yes
YH: The story development is very rapid.
CM: Yes
YH: The rhythm turns into shuffle and it changes rapidly, so it is really exciting.
CM: It is really fun. Well, “Reboot” means re-start and it also conveys our thoughts that the two of us reboot now and we will continue to do our best. It is such a song so please listen to it. And the PV, it is really cool.
YH: Yes, it is cool. Of course, our performance is energetic and I believe that it gives you up-lifting feeling, but CG is also amazing.
CM: The background CG is.. if it really exists in some city, I wish to visit there once. It really is cool.. but actually it is CG.
YH: Yes it is.
CM: Although it is CG, it suited so well to the worldview/interpretation of the song. Such CG.. and the things Yunho just mentioned.. ^^ … I am a bit shy to say this with my own words.. but please check our cool performance!

Re: Begin~Again Version
YH: This version of Begin..
CM: Yes. It is the Again version. It has a bit different taste from the original song.
YH: Yes.
CM: This new version matches very well to this winter season.
YH: And it conveys feelings/thoughts of us now who have matured (compared to us in the past). So please listen to it and feel/understand our feelings.
CM: In addition to that.. the PV.. it is a bit different from our usual PVs. We have band members and people who play strings, in which we found people that we knew very well. We shot the PV together with them, right?
YH: Yes, we did. We had a great time. The PV is heartwarming because we had a session together with these people.
CM: Yes.
YH: Everyone, please check it.

Re: The must-see part of TOHOSHINKI Live Tour 2017 ~Begin Again~
YH: We have two songs that we perform for the first time to you all.
CM: Yes
YH: We sing these songs to you.
CM: These two songs are about begin again and restart.. and these songs are suited for the two of us, Tohoshinki who are performing live for the first time after the hiatus. These two songs are essential songs for us.
YH: Yes
YH: The order of these songs are good. We perform Reboot in the opening..
CM: Yes!
YH: It is really symbolic how the two of us, Tohoshinki, comes out on stage. So please come to see us.

Re: Message to fans
YH: On Dec 20, we will release a new single.
CM: Yes, we will. It means our new start.
YH: Yes.
CM: It celebrates the new chapter of Tohoshinki history. I hope many of you will check it.
YH: Tohoshinki will make a new history and it is a great song and commemorates our first step in the new chapter of Tohoshinki history. Everyone, please check it.
CM: Well, then
YH&CM: We are Tohoshinki.

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