Sasha · @onfireScarlett

12th Dec 2017 from TwitLonger

So me, MajOr, Neeb, Jonsnow, etc all got disqualified from IEM NA qualifier

After scehduling IEM right after WESG NA, apparently the admin who knows the format is asleep right now, so the qualifier admin doesn't know if IEM is split into day 1, day 2 groups like it has many times in the past. All the players who want to play WESG are therefore being disqualified just in case we aren't able to make it to IEM ( we have time to fly there for day 2 of IEM but not day 1 ), and we don't even know the prize split, etc, of IEM to make a good choice yet~

Dissapointing to not have a chance to participate in the first pre olympics event

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