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12th Dec 2017 from TwitLonger

Announcing my Departure from CLG and a Thank You

As of December 2017 I’m stepping down as CEO of Counter Logic Gaming. I made the decision early into the acquisition. Nick Allen is in charge of the company and has made major decisions since mid-September or so. The decision for me to leave is self-made. MSG didn’t put any pressure on me, and offered me a future in the company.

There are reasons surrounding the acquisition that I’ve decided it’s best for me to move on. I will decide over time if these are issues I want to publicly address and if it’s of any benefit to do so. There are interesting challenges left to solve at CLG. I respect the people who will remain on the team to find those solutions. However, with the parent company’s leadership I will not be one of them.

If it sounds crazy to leave CLG at the greatest time in esports, it probably is. Every day I get emails from people who would give anything to even volunteer in esports. I’d make more money and be more influential staying on this path. But happiness is a weird, irrational thing. It isn’t satiated by societal success or fame. It’s a deep introspective answer that’s unique to every individual.

I find happiness in being a force for positive change in people’s lives. Every day I come across people who want to be better than they were yesterday. People who aspire to develop themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. My future is to inspire breakthroughs with people who want to take their lives to the next level. I have no idea how that looks. Maybe it’s on a stage, a stream, a podcast, or in writing. I’m just certain that is where my passion is.

I wouldn’t want to write something like this without noting the people who created my own breakthroughs. I’m a small part of CLG’s success. I was part of a team of great people. These heroes rarely appear in our media and content. To all of you, the lifeblood of CLG, thank you for helping me grow as a person and making this company great. I hope I’ve been a small, positive part of your life for the time I’ve been here. I hope I’ve lived in service to you.

To the players past and present on CLG. You’re some of my greatest teachers. Your dedication to excellence and victory at such a young age is astounding. I was inspired by your drive every day I worked at CLG. I will miss the late nights talking about self-improvement and gaming with you. Don’t ever lose your hunger to take home the championship. This is your time, give it everything you’ve got.

Thank you to the die-hard supporters of CLG who believe in the org every step of the way. I made a lot of mistakes - leading a company is hard. I hope I did service to your vision of the organization and developed the legacy of your team. It was a great honor to have entrusted to me the story of this team that you have helped create.

To all my friends I’ve met along the way. Thanks for all the late night convention talks. You crazy people got me through the last two years. See you soon.

Thank you also to my personal supporters who stuck with me even when I couldn’t stream or make videos because of long work days. There’s no words I could put here to express my gratitude. The greatest gift I can offer is a lot more time to continue building our community over the next couple years.

I’m grateful that it’s Nick Allen directing the vision of CLG forward. I have total confidence in Nick, and it’s inspiring to meet an executive who is my better in so many areas. One of my only regrets in not staying with CLG is that I won’t have more time to learn from him. It’s comfortable to know that CLG’s future is secure with a good, ethical person.

There’s one special mention left for a lifelong friend and mentor. Working with George Georgallidis has been the most rewarding professional experience I’ve ever had. His unfailing belief in me and wisdom completely changed my life. I’m a better person in every way for having known him. I can never understate his honor, ethics, and authenticity as a person. He’s a rare soul in this world. I wish people could know this man for who he is and how much deeper he goes past his public image. Whenever I didn’t know the way, George lit the path for me. George, I hope I’ve done honor to the legacy you’ve built and your company in my time here. I’m in awe of you. I’m forever grateful to you for all you’ve done.

It is a great honor to be part of this team’s legacy and story. I’ll join you all in watching the players of CLG fulfill their dreams as I go fulfill my own. Thank you CLG for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

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