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8th Dec 2017 from TwitLonger

Lord Matty Pocket's Decree

I was playing ranked with manray and got into a game with Mattypocket (i would never go out of my to snipe mattypocket) i rarely get into his games and on this game i fed pretty hard which i rarely do and then the team wouldnt f6 and i just kept getting my buffs invaded. So we were going to lose anyway so i kept dying trying to do my buffs or do something instead of just waiting to lose i wasnt even intentionally feeding then i called manray a "cunt" jokingly because hes my friend and he didn't f6 so Lord MattyPocket thought that this justified me getting permanently banned from competitive smite all because of one ranked game. its a joke that one person has this much power all because of one ranked game he tries to ruin everything that ive worked for years of playing smite to be in the pro league because hes salty in one ranked game lol. I love how random players in ranked always feed their brains out and i cant even do it one game without being banned LOL. So remember dont feed in mattypockets games or you might get banned to but this rule doesnt seem to apply to mattypocket himself.

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