Official statement regarding @TheGosuCrew (@EsportsGears) roster change.

As a team, we have decided to part ways with a member of our roster "Gearries" following our 17th-20th place finish at MLG Dallas. He is a rising talent, one of the top Gnasher players in the game and undoubtly has a bright future in Gears eSports. Having said this, with Mexico City fast approaching we don't have the luxury of time in order to further mold his raw talent and get him the vital experience he needs. Couple this with the fact there are concerns of getting a passport for him in time with the holidays fast approaching.

With these things in mind we have decided to acquire a player with more experience, utility and above all a passport. We are excited to announce we have picked up Hudsonz (@Hudsonz94) after his departure from Red Reserve in place of Gearries. We hope Gearries continues to develop as a player both on his own and with whichever team he lands on next.

We realize that our placing at MLG Dallas is both out of character and unacceptable. We look forward to proving that we are a top team with all eyes set on Mexico City in January. On behalf of my organization and team we thank all that support our roster and The Gosu Crew. We will not let our fans and supporters down this season.

Benjamin Laird

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