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3rd Dec 2017 from TwitLonger


I'm gonna be writing a mini essay so if you don't want to read just skip to the end for a TL;DR.

I hate to use the word retirement, Indefinite Hiatus would probably be a better term to use just because retirement is such a meme in the OCE community, those that don't retire just like fade away and those that announce retirement seem to come back a couple hours after its announced. (Not naming names)

I started my journey on rocket league pretty much like everyone else, just something fun to pass the time and it grew into an addiction and I managed to ball chase my way to the very top incredibly slowly. Started off all the way down in RLO 3v3 Division B back towards the end of Cyber-gamer Season 3, and very slowly but surely climbed through the ranks.

After inevitably leaving sub for Scylla, I started off my journey with CJCJ and Kamii. It certainly had its ups and downs but what we achieved was truly remarkable for a bunch of overlooked gamers. Somehow climbing to the top so quickly still leaves me divided to this day: is it a credit to the boys or is it a show of how truly bad the OCE scene is?

Seeing what CJCJ and Kamii have become in terms of players and personalities is incredible considering where we started from. I wish them nothing but the best for the future.

As for me, I will be stepping away from 'Professional' rocket league due to a couple of reasons. One of which being my lack of drive to play at such a competitive level, alongside personal reasons. The chance to play in front of thousands of people watching me play a video game on a stage on the other side of the world is something I'm so grateful for and is incredible to think about, considering I never thought I'd get anywhere close to the RLCS opportunity.

Might still pubstomp some gamers though.

ggs :)

TL;DR: Retiring from rocket league, love everyone and thankful for the experiences presented to me.

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