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28th Nov 2017 from TwitLonger

Thank You

Something I used to do when I’d distract myself with a million thoughts was grab a notepad and a pen and write songs, poems, stories... Whatever really. I forced myself to give a face to the things that were brewing in my head. Sometimes they were good distractions, sometimes not as much. Over this whole Thanksgiving break I’ve been trying to figure out what words to use pull life from my thoughts onto this letter. There’s no tactful way to present bittersweet news so I’d rather be straightforward and do this right.

Immortals family, it is with sadness and joy that I leave you. This past year has been amazing, and I know that for me, this decision is one I wanted to give you myself – not be read off of leaks and releases. I’ll be taking my convictions and passions to another home, over to Flyquest. I know that this will be tough news for some to hear and please understand that this process wasn’t easy.

The entire Immortals organization, and everyone there who’s played a part over this past year … more than anything else, they’re the people who make this decision so difficult. Honestly the whole team — they’re first-class in everything they’ve been doing. Noah — if there’s anyone who’s most responsible for convincing me to stay in esports it’s you. I really could just go on here, naming people and influences.

During my time here, I really felt that alongside Noah, we poured blood, sweat, and tears into the things we’ve built this year. Seeing the CSGO boys find that major finals berth, the League guys qualifying for worlds for the first, and what would be the last, time in franchise history, and watching the growth of our Overwatch team and Smash players, and the welcomed addition of our Dota team. The things I was able to do here, are nothing short of amazing and has made me feel a part of the cloth of this organization. That fabric has been something that I’ve found so meaningful in my time here and through the people I’ve been blessed to work with.

Through this Thanksgiving week, I think back fondly of my time at IMT and the people who’ve been most impactful for me.

To Ricky and AJ, I love the hell out of both of you guys. I didn’t think I find so quickly, brothers that I can’t help but want to take care of wherever we end up going and if it doesn’t happen organically, I will legit force our paths to cross. You guys are crazy selfless and have sacrificed so much to make others, including myself feel at home and it’s a passion that I share and want to continue pushing everywhere I go.

To Robert and Jun, you guys work exceptionally hard. Robert, I know this year wasn’t the easiest transition for you, and Jun, I know at times things weren’t the brightest or the smoothest to work through, but you guys are some of the most dependable, strong-willed guys I’ve gotten to work with. I love both of you dearly as brothers and I’m excited for the new opportunities you guys are taking on.

To Tricia, ahhhh… my big sis. I love you bud. You are quite possibly one of the hardest working people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. You literally inspired me to crank out all-nighters consistently to keep up with your 24/7 work schedule. I don’t how you did it but we family, sis. In our short time together we’ve gotten so close and synced up so well. If I could choose any one person to work with again, I’d absolutely chomp at the bit to get a chance to partner up with you again to make some wildly wonderful things happen in the industry and in the world. I cherish your friendship dearly and I have no doubt you’ll be successful wherever you find yourself.

Noah, you kept me in this space for longer than I had anticipated and I now plan on turning over a new leaf to take more accountability in building the things I want with the opportunity that makes the most sense to me. You probably made me decision the hardest. I know we’ve not always seen eye to eye with things but one of the greatest things you’ve provided me in our time working together is trust. From trust we built amazing things and I’m grateful for your friendship, even though you’re like a little brother to me. Keep falling in love with your work every single day. The future of Immortals is very much in your hands.

Lastly, to my players, and staff: I can’t believe how far we came. There were so many changes that every team underwent, and so many growing pains as a result. I’m not perfect and I was definitely learning as quickly as possible all the different strategies to building out everything the right way and if I look at where we are at right now, I’m quite proud of what we’ve accomplished. This is not the last chapter for any of you Overwatch guys – there are going to be so many opportunities to pursue greatness. I’m so bitter and yet proud of the time you guys pulled me into a 2.5 hour players’ meeting while I was dying with the flu. I love the urgency and diligence by which you guys approached this inaugural season of Overwatch League and the communal discipline you guys displayed together working to straighten out the best ways to optimize everyone’s growth as a team side by side with the coaching staff. You guys have a lot of room to grow, but you are on the right track as a group. Remember what I told you guys. As an athlete, one of the most important competitive traits you can have and develop is the ability to learn how to learn. Study your craft meticulously and lean on each other, you will be fantastic. To Rafael and the CSGO boys, you guys have my heart in a special place. Family has always been the most important thing to me. You guys show it time and time again through all adversity what it means to triumph over circumstance and the way you guys show love and acceptance to all of the new members we’ve brought in has been admirable. Dota, you guys are the newest additions of the Immortals organization but you guys play and operate in such a fierce way. It’s remarkable how well you guys play off of each other and even more awesome how one year of self-inflicted separation has brought you all back together for an encore tour to qualify and hopefully go as far as possible in The International next year. Keep doing myself, and Josh proud.

For the wonderful staff and family at Immortals that I haven’t given a shout out to in this letter, just know you all contributed to making my time at Immortals one of the best memories and experiences I’ve had the pleasure of walking through. For everything I’ve grown to learn and love here, I thank all of you guys for all of it.

Lastly, to the fans, I thank you for supporting each and every individual that has walked in and out of these Immortals doors. You guys are some of the most passionate, loving and loyal fans and Immortals wouldn’t be where it is without you guys. You guys helped provide purpose and perspective to a young organization constantly trying to learn and adjust its bearings. Thank you for being a part of this family.

With all this being said, I’m joining Flyquest – and to be honest - Immortals doesn’t really need me. As an organization, Immortals is set on a track for great success with or without me. I’m a builder, and I'm hungry to make a difference and to take more accountability and responsibility in building out some of the best organizational infrastructures on the business and competitive side of esports. I’m ready for my challenge with Flyquest and proud and humbled to be given an opportunity to do things right alongside Ryan Edens. Please continue to support good people, and good work in this space, esports has so much further to go. I have unfinished business here in this industry and I’m so ready to make this happen. My shoulders feel broader, and I’ll keep doing things smarter; this shit is a privilege. Love you all.

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