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27th Nov 2017 from TwitLonger

I'm now LFT, open to all offers. Message me on discord or DM me on twitter.

So I've been dropped by Mosaic along with another who I won't name until he posts on his own, I understand that the decision they made was one that they firmly believe will lead them in the right direction since we didn't have the best results in scrims recently, and I had issues playing cohesively with the other players on my team. We just couldn't perform as a unit even though everyone in the team has the potential to play at the top level.

To my teammates, it was great to play along side all of you and I wish you all the best. You guys deserve to play at the top level and I hope you can all make it with the refreshment and addition of new players to the roster.

Thank you to the org Mosaic for the opportunity they were always interactive with the players and made sure everyone was alright, paid us on time and did their best to ensure the best for the team.

This obviously means I'm LFT since I still want to go at Overwatch with everything I have and am very dedicated to becoming the best player I can be. Hit me up on discord or DM for any offers or trials!

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