The situation with JK trying to run us over

So, JK offered for us to come eat Tacos with him because he had 4 open seats, but we had a party of 7 (CDK, S2H, SoCalGohan, Brosinex, Kswz, me, and Turtle). S2H told him no, then I said, “Goodbye JK!” (Cuz I’m not trying to deal with his shit tonight), then he repeated what he said and I repeated what I said, because members of my party didn’t like JK for personal reasons (besides me).

We decided on going to walk and get some pizza. After we turned the corner while still in the parking lot, JK was blazing through it and sped right next to S2H and Kswz which would’ve been hit if they didn’t notice in time and if Charlie didn’t act as quick as he did. So we went to confront JK at the Taco place, and Turtle was livid because he made such a reckless move on our guests and us while Exo tried to mediate it. JK admitted to not caring if he died or anyone else and said no one cared about helping Vegas.

When asked if he tried to hit us with his car he responded with “Absolutely”... We got so close to a physical exchange and basically beating some fucking sense into him, but we walked away and just got our pizza instead of fighting him over it. None of us feel safe around JK at this point. He’s unstable, violent and unpredictable and I advise anyone to proceed with caution when approaching him.

Considering that he tried to hit two members of TSUGI that help run select events in Vegas, he will be indefinitely banned until further notice from all TSUGI affiliates tournaments in Vegas, along with their accompanying venues (PSG, GameNest and GameWorks). Don’t fuck with my friends. I love these SoCal guys and having such reckless abandon for their lives when they have nothing to do with your issues? You need help.

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