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22nd Nov 2017 from TwitLonger

BradCherryZA -> BradCherryEU

Hey losers

So some of you have heard about this either through myself, your friends or have seen others tweet about it within the last month or so. I didn't want to say anything until everything was set in stone.

Basically my family have been planning to move to the UK ever since i can remember and they decided that as soon as my younger brother finishes his matric year (2017) we'd be making the move. We applied for our Visa's a few weeks ago and got the confirmation, as well as the Visa's, sometime last week. Our house was put on the market within the last couple of days and it's already been sold. I'll be moving to Ascott, England before March 2018 at the rate that everything is happening right now.

So with all of this being set in stone it's safe to say that BradCherryZA will become BradCherryEU come late February or early March of 2018 and my competitive journey in #CoDZA is over. You'll definitely still see me around talking shit on Twitter and I'll definitely make plans to come down for a major event once in a while.

I still have a few good months here and i want to spend it with my friends. Hopefully i can see as many of you as i can before the big move. If not, we can talk shit over Twitter as usual ❤

Thanks for reading, guys. See you all around ❤

- Brad

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