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21st Nov 2017 from TwitLonger


COSMO: Ever year, around this time, we think about which star to choose as this year's beauty icon, and you were chosen. How does it feel?
SOOYOUNG: I'm really thankful. I have a lot of interest in beauty, so it's the most important thing when I'm promoting. Not only makeup, but I have to pay attention to my skin, hair, and body. Having a confident attitude is also important. I'll accept being chosen as the 'beauty icon' for this year's Cosmo Beauty Awards, not for doing particularly well, but as a meaning that I should continue to take care of myself more.

COSMO: I think people largely split into two groups. People who reach the peak age of when they're pretty, and people who get prettier as time passes. Personally, I think you're in the latter group. I assume your care has to do with it. What do you think?
SOOYOUNG: I usually keep a close watch on items that are good for your skin. Also, if there are outfits that give me influence, I'll save it in my phone and attempt it later. But if you want beauty care to naturally become a part of your life, I think you have to prioritize relaxing. I don't think you should be persistent in copying things that don't suit you, just because they're the trend. Just like how you see the changes in your body after working out every day, it's important to care for your skin little by little, every day. Even when I'm exhausted from busy schedules, and want to lay down without moving a finger, I think, 'No! I have to at least do a mask pack', and immediately do it. If you put in a little effort every day, it will pay off in the future.

COSMO: When you hear Sooyoung, the first thing that comes to mind is Girls' Generation. But your filmography is pretty solid.
SOOYOUNG: I'm just thankful that you see it like that. I have a big desire to continue to attempt even more diverse characters as an actress. So I want to create faces that suit the new character I transform into.

COSMO: You've been filming for your drama 'Man Who Sets the Table' lately. I feel like your skin condition wouldn't always be good from late night filming, and cold weather...
SOOYOUNG: My skin gets sensitive a lot when I don't get much sleep, and have to come and go filming in warm inside and cold outside locations. So I play it safe with basic care to help my skin get stable. I make a habit of using mist, and I moisturize by applying a lot of pitera essence with a cotton ball before putting on makeup, or when I'm resting as like a facial pack. If my skin isn't good, my make up won't look good, and my skin could become sensitive, so I care for it beforehand.

COSMO: Then, Sooyoung's pouch item (like a must-have) is pitera essence?
SOOYOUNG: Of course! I always carry pitera essence and cotton balls as a set. As well as pitera mist.

COSMO: In a past Cosmo interview, you said you work out with your focus on improving your physical strength, rather than weight management. Is that still the case?
SOOYOUNG: When others view it, it may seem ordinary, but I always stretch when I wake up in the morning. And I don't skip a meal, and consistently do yoga and golf whenever I have time. There's nothing special. But, doing this for years, it helps a lot when I'm exhausted. Especially when I have to suddenly stay up for multiple nights, and then get immersed in emotions while acting, I don't get tired easily.

COSMO: If you were to return to your younger 20-year old self, what beauty care would you put everything into?
SOOYOUNG: Of course, inner beauty! I think I would eat more foods that are good for your skin, and put an effort into thinking more positive thoughts.

COSMO: Lastly, do you have any words of advice as this year's Cosmo Beauty Awards 'beauty icon'?
SOOYOUNG: There are the words that a person's impressions are decided by how they think. I believe in the strength of these words. So when I look in the mirror, and when I'm applying makeup, I try my best to think positive thoughts. 'If I apply this, my skin will become nicer', 'I can become beautiful on important future days'. It's not much, but making a habit of it helps a lot in gaining an optimistic mind. These little resolves bring happiness, and I think it could create confidence. Everyone should try it!

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