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21st Nov 2017 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] Seohyun MD Interview ③ ㅡ

When I jokingly tossed the question, "Is your relationship with your unnie members not good?", regarding her departure from SM, Seohyun replied, "No way," and laughed.

"I was even chatting with Hyoyeon unnie at the [makeup] shop today. Being together for 15 years, we know things without even having to call, but we still contact each other a lot.

We lived together in a dorm for over 5 years. We learned a lot about each other, bumped into each other a lot, and it's a time when we grew up a lot.

That was the most difficult time. You fight a lot even when you live with really good friend. But with 8 members living together, we fought over the littlest things. Looking back, we fought about things that just make me laugh now, and [that time] felt big. It's because the way I lived was so different.

We fought a lot, but I think we knew each other really well. After living in a dorm for about 5 years, I moved to live with my parents nearby. I missed those days (dorm life)). When we lived together, I just thought about how difficult it was, but I missed it more and felt fond. It would be so nice to see them when we would meet after a while.

We talk about really minor things about the future. Like how everyone would probably be married after some 10 years, and how we're gonna have our kid grow up like another member."

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