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21st Nov 2017 from TwitLonger

[TRANS] Seohyun MD Interview ① ㅡ

Regarding Girls' Generation's activities from now on, the girl group member Seohyun emphasized, "Girls' Generation is forever."

While the interview was for the end of her MBC drama 'Thief, Mr. Thief', this was Seohyun's first time meeting with the press after leaving SM. Over 15 media outlets gathered for the first time slot of interviews.

Regarding her activites from now on, Seohyun stated, "I think I'll act a lot now, and will continue to show myself as a singer. I will show myself in various areas, but Girls' Generation is forever. Like the slogan we always yell out, 'forever, SNSD'."

Seohyun was just a bit careful saying, "I can't tell you the direction of activites personally, saying, 'We're going to do this'." She said, "It's because our companies are different. I think we're going to discuss things when we do have activites later. Whatever formation it is, it's correct that it won't change. We'll always support each other."

When asked how, in reality, it would be difficult to see activies 'as a whole', she replied, "You can't know what happens in the future."

When asked if any members were against [her] leaving SM, she revealed, "No. We've talked about what each of us desired, so there wasn't any pressure."

(last couple paragraphs aren't really new stuff..just talks about what she's done thus far/members not re-signing with sm..)

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