Preliminary statement regarding the earlier Mega8 game

Preliminary statement:

Earlier today numerous allegations were made by Chris "Sargon" House on social media whereby he accused Goliath Gaming of using "illegal players" in a Mega8 match against Sinister5.
We do not condone conduct in South African Esports of this nature, as alleged and suggested by Chris House.
We were unaware of the website post shared by Mega8 on Friday, 17 November, stating that ex-xTC players would not be allowed to participate in Mega8 games going forward and, unfortunately, we did indeed have an ex-xTC player subbing in for us during today's game. We are looking into the matter. At no point (from the time the game started) was this brought to Goliath Gaming's attention. Upon being advised of Mega8's statement (during the first map), Goliath Gaming subsequently forfeited the remaining games.
Our legal representative has since made contact with Chris House based on his numerous remarks and allegations, which are defamatory and damning to Goliath Gaming.
The contact by our lawyer was not due to Chris asking questions (if anything, we encourage questions which will seek to address issues and work toward improving the Esports scene, which Chris is well aware of, as we have previously engaged with him in a similar vein); but rather, it was due to him making numerous accusations about Goliath Gaming without providing it with the opportunity to investigate the matter fully.
As a new MGO, we started with the intention of maintaining professional conduct in all that we do, and us making the choice to have a legal representative (to draw up player contracts, and to also provide legal advice in instances such as these) is nothing more than a mechanism which we have employed to ensure that certain standards are maintained to professionalise the Esports industry in South Africa (as has been advised by many people in many discussions within SA Esports lately).

We will share further updates on this matter as and when we can.

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