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I thought about it looking at the wide open blue sky and bright sunshine, nothing blocking my view. That Tiffany's untiring energy is due to the photosynthesis that happens under LA's copious amount of sunlight. If you open and close your eyes in this city every day, it seems the chances of turning into an optimistic person becomes higher. Never losing her overly passionate and bright smile, as if she's a real life character out of an animated Walt Disney film, Tiffany has lived the past 10 years as a star that brought the whole world together. Now, she's living as a student, attending school every day, taking acting lessons. While the distance between the two sentences seems far away, after fulfilling her younger self's dream of singing and dancing all over the world, there isn't a stage better suited for her life's 2nd act than LA. Like Mia from 'La La Land', LA, the city of dreamers, makes Tiffany's heart flutter. From the start of her day to the end, she's living everyday in her own way, living hard and enjoyably. I had a lot of things to ask her, but Tiffany's honest words that she wants to consistently prepare and show high quality results before any flashy comments. It was a very comfortable conversation, but her honesty left a deep impression.

CECI: I've met you a number of times already, but you looked particularly natural in today's shoot. How have you been?
TIFFANY: I started attending school this past September, and have been taking acting classes. I'm never late, and I even take a banana with almonds, and coffee with me every day. (laughs) I'm consistently working on music, too. It's like I'm taking care of and controlling my condition on my own, so it's been really enjoyable. It's become a job that I'm doing because I want to, not relying on someone else.

CECI: Are you a student who receives compliments in school?
TIFFANY: Yes! I'm the type of person who sits in the front of the classroom, and tries to absorb everything the instructor teaches, in any way. Studying for the first time in a while, I didn't realize I was this type of student. (laughs) I think it's because I really like going to school. A director is taking the same class as me, and I was touched when I heard them say during their self-intro early on, that they started going to school so they could help actors that appear in their films, and understand them better. Their position is different from mine, but seeing people giving their all while acting is really cool. I get a lot of inspiration by just taking classes.

CECI: Does this mean we'll hear about you receiving a scholarship next year? (laughs) How does it feel returning to LA for the first time in a while and living here?
TIFFANY: Me being here right now is really natural. My family's here, and it's where everything, like my preferences, was first created and started, so that could be why. I'm happy being able to like the movies, music, and even Disneyland again like I used to, without change.

CECI: That's just because it's okay for Tiffany to live here. Especially since you don't have to spend your time, nervous about work.
TIFFANY: If I spent my teens thinking everything I think about will come true, and everything will work out if I cheer up and smile. Now, entering my 30s, I shifted my center of focus to being honest with my emotions, like if something's good, it's good, if something's sad, it's sad. An acting technique I'm currently learning is that if I put in the emotions I'm feeling into my acting sincerely, then people will react to it. I always lived honestly. I prepared acting for a long time, but attending school now, I've gotten greedier. If music is like a religion to me, I can only express that I love acting.

CECI: Music is Tiffany's language.
TIFFANY: That's right. That's why I get a lot of strength while learning to act. I get the hope that someone will gain strength from seeing the role I'm acting. I looked at artists that healed me during hard times and started dreaming, and the way that dream came true was through Girls' Generation. 'Into the New World' was the story that I wanted to deliver at that time. Being able to make it at that age with my members was honestly a really remarkable and happy thing. More than anything, I was at ease coming to LA because my members gave me a lot of support.

CECI: The dream of wanting to create a career in Hollywood as an actress, and stand on the stage on Broadway in New York is not an easy challenge.
TIFFANY: But, the more I do this work, rather than raising the ambition to become a world star, I feel that I hoped to become a true artist. When I just debuted, it would've been hard to see me as an artist. Me doing this interview right now, I really feel like I'm here as an artist. Someone could get energy, or even be comforted and gain hardened support in life through me. So this job is really precious to me. Everyone tells me it won't be easy breaking into the American entertainment world as an Asian. But nothing has been easy so far. Promoting as Girls' Generation was never easy either. I was sincere and worked hard, things weren't easy. I just trust the words 'you can if you think you can'. What I dreamed of with my members all became true, and I'm in the process of creating a different Tiffany. Rather than worrying and wasting time, I'll practice acting.

CECI: Your heart must flutter a lot lately thinking back to when you were little, imagining yourself acting in Hollywood.
TIFFANY: Looking back, I was the type to prepare thoroughly, even during concert tour practices. Like, when learning ballet or an instrument, I would start at the basics and learn it very meticulously. If I start after getting the basics down, I get confident. I was able to learn acting like that, so it really makes my heart flutter. Of course, it was difficult and I had a lot of thoughts of wanting to quit, but I really like it. Also, my current instructor is a very passionate person. They said if you know the phrase 'practice makes perfect', now learn, 'perfect practice makes perfect'. At that moment, I thought that they were really my style. (laughs)

CECI: While preparing for your future, it seems the person you'll have to surpass is your past self. You must be expecting even greater results than your past 10 years.
TIFFANY: There was the statement, 'Do your best every time', in a book I read recently. I think there's nothing that compares to doing your best all the time. If I can be satisfied with it. Also, my instructor told us to always act 'like the first time, last time, every time'. If I stand on stage with that feeling every time, I think the concept of waste would disappear from my life. Still, I think I just need to keep loving from now on. Because if you love something, you find yourself doing anything.

CECI: Did you know that your voice sounds a lot more excited that before? (laughs) You're cool/amazing.
TIFFANY: Thank you. I work hard for a living. (laughs) Honestly, I want to give a good influence to future dreamers in the same field of work. I hope they get the desire to grow up in a direction they want to, and not just be a shining idol singer just because they're pretty and young.

CECI: I heard you watched the movie 'La La Land' countless times. What captured your heart so much?
TIFFANY: I bought a copy myself and have it playing every day. 'La La Land' is very realistic. Along with the love for work-acting-music, the message that you have to take in a situation to better yourself, and that you need to develop on your own touched me in a strong way.

CECI: Imagine a 'La La Land' would be created for you. Where do you think that person's life would be right now?
TIFFANY: I think it would be when Mia was preparing to act by herself? I'm just practicing and imagining things, I haven't actually done anything yet. Because I'm just now at the stage of moving my hand and body on my own, so I could fail a many times in the future, and I feel that's natural.

CECI: Having a Christmas themed photoshoot in such a warm city is refreshing. What is Christmas like in LA?
TIFFANY: I have to spend Christmas with my family. If you drive about an hour from LA to Big Bear, there's a lot of snow. We go there sometimes. I think the family getting together at home, drinking hot cocoa, watching Christmas movies, and just spending time together all day is fun?

CECI: Is there a particular Christmas memory you have?
TIFFANY: When I was young, I would put cookies and milk in front of the fireplace every year and wait for Santa. I think I did that until I was like 10 years old? Then, one day, I saw the same wrapping paper that Santa used on my present in my parents' closet, and was really shocked. When I asked what's going on to my parents, they couldn't say anything. (laughs)

CECI: How do you think you'll spend your Christmas this year?
TIFFANY: I don't have any plans. I was thinking of just staying at home, and I think I'll be happy doing that. I'm going to eat tasty foods, watch Christmas movies, and listen to carols all day.

CECI: If Santa were to give you a gift, what would you want?
TIFFANY: Ah, this is making me think seriously as if I'm really going to get something. (laughs) I think a LP player would be nice. I have one at my house in Seoul, but not LA. I want to listen to LPs a lot when I'm at home.

CECI: It's a bit early, but it is a December issue, so could you say something sending off 2017?
TIFFANY: I think this year went by really fast. I have a lot of memories with CeCi. I had my first solo cover with you, and it was fun being on the cover with my members, too. It's also an honor being able to have my last 20s in a photoshoot, as well. Next year, I hope you'll have a much more full, happy, and healthy year. Everyone, happy new year, happy holidays, and merry Christmas!

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