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15th Nov 2017 from TwitLonger


Today i was released from GODSENT, a team i have been a part of since the very beginning for almost 2 years. For a good while i've been wanting to go somewhere else after many failed projects, GODSENT for me started with a good structure with hungry players each good in their respective role ( Pronax, Pauf, me, lekr0, twist) and the further i got from the structure and the way we played together the more I & others lost ourselves in-game, we basically tried everything in the end we swapped roles back and forth, positions etc, but nothing worked, in the end it was very clear that basically everyone wanted the same role in-game and that made us clash however we tried to work around it, and that left most of us very unmotivated and frustratred not getting to play the role everyone has shined in before in every other team. Me personally went out of my comfort-zone a thousand times and in the end it just makes you overthink stuff that you usually never failed at before.

All this made me extremely unmotivated day by day for the last 8 months, the only time i could turn up the heat was at LAN tournaments and show a good level of play, but online it's just been pure dogshit, i've just been wondering what my next step should be as i felt misplaced for a long time just filling gaps, feeling that need of a fresh start somewhere else around people with the same mindset as me how to play as a team and build a team.

Now for me its just about finding what i need team-wise to perform on the level i always used to perform at before, to bring my hunger back.

I really like the guys in GODSENT and wish them all the best and to finally find some kind of structure, we were all 5 good individuals that tried many things to fix the team, but in the end without team-spirit & structure you cant go far.

In the end after all these different projects i want to give a huge shoutout to the hardworking and good teammates, especially; Pronax, Lekr0, twist, disco doplan, pauf. And i also hope to see more action from freddieb, as he is a great upcoming talent that just needs to find his place.

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