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14th Nov 2017 from TwitLonger

My experience with Luke Rockets

Now before i get into this, I would like to say that it breaks my heart that more and more people have been coming out about what happened with Luke Rockets. for years I thought it was just me. I confided in close friends about the issue, and many of them begged that I came forward about this but I have taken blame for so long. I felt like this was all my fault. I never had the courage, because i was scared of being called a liar, or getting blamed and honestly I was just fucking scared.
This is the honest truth. and those closest to me know the truth.
I know i made mistakes too, talking to an older guy, provoking the situation, but please remember I was 14 years old. All i wanted was for my idol to like me, i wanted that typical fantasy of girl meets band member, falls in love, all that bullshit. What every dumb 14 year old girl wants.
Before this I had no previous sexual “experience” i had never encountered this type of behaviour, and the boys at school treated girls like shit too; so this all felt relatively “normal” - i didn’t understand completely that this is not how you treat a girl, especially one so much younger. It ate away at me for so long, because it didn’t feel right at all.
I didn’t come out about this earlier because i was afraid. afraid of everything that happened, being looked down on, and honestly I hate myself for giving into his shit. I truly was a dumb fuck 14 year old, but this DOES NOT EXCUSE PEDOPHILIA.

also disclaimer: We have BOTH created new facebooks (my first account permanently deleted) over the years and i have lost a lot of evidence. These messages were sent on Luke’s first original Facebook. I no longer have any access to my previous Facebook, so it’s been really difficult to gather evidence of what occurred. These are not fake, nor are the original girl who came out’s allegations and we have been in contact and it breaks my heart that she went through such similar experiences to myself.

back in 2014 i started talking to Luke Rockets. This was before he was officially in with con, and as a support guitarist. I was 14 years old, going on 15, I was in just year 9 and Luke was fully aware of that.
When i saw with con for the first time I honestly felt really at home and safe, I was really hooked on their music and how lovely and approachable.
I asked Luke for some guitar tabs as i had just started learning and I wanted the tabs to an all time low cover they did, and surely enough he gave them too me.
we continued to talk and slowly things escalated. I honestly wasn’t sure what had happened, but things got super sexual super fast.
i was being asked things about the appearance of my vagina, what size my boobs were, if i was into feet, if I liked foreskin or not. super invasive questions.
I laughed off a few questions at the start because i thought he may have been joking, but he wasn’t. I wanted Luke to be my friend, I wanted to feel important to someone I Looked up to, even the fact that he was only just playing with, with con at the time excited me. I opened up to him and answered a few of his questions.
This went on, on and off for around 2 years. I felt horribly guilty for a very long time, because in my heart i knew something was wrong. it kept me up at night.
he told me he was my friend, I was important to him, he told me how beautiful i was and how special i was. he made me feel so important and “safe.”
it wasn’t long till he was asking for photos, and at this point i had refused on multiple occasions. i told him i wasn’t comfortable and I didn’t want to. Eventually after him begging and begging and i really didn’t want to lose him, because he made me feel so special; i gave in. this is when my mental health and general stability got shot. i couldn’t handle it anymore.
I gave in once, and he just continuously asked and i felt so small. like an object.
I confided in close friends of mine and told then what had happened. I was scared that if i said anything he could post my photos (which to this day, i regret so deeply it makes my stomach turn) I quickly cut ties with Luke by not replying to his messages.
I confided in a couple of Luke’s friends who are incredibly close to the band, they expressed concern but did nothing, nothing at all. they knew the entire extent of it, and did nothing and that honestly makes me so angry because all i wanted was someone to take him aside and make it stop and it still makes me mad that they CONTINUE to support him.
I eventually came out to Luke’s ex girlfriend, who i won’t name due to privacy reasons. she was disgusted and confronted him about it, as this was also occurring during their relationship which i was unaware of at the time.
Luke confronted me via Facebook message and told me how sorry he was, how he would never do this again, told me how he was going to change. all that bullshit, because the girl who came out about similar allegations happened after what happened to me. I wanted to believe he was sorry, but i never truly did. it never sat right with me.
The last time I saw Luke, he told me he wouldn’t do this again, we had a little cry and parted ways for good. I haven’t had contact with him in over 2 years.

this all happened throughout 2014 till early 2015. Luke was aware of my age as I had expressed concern to him about the age gap. We had spoken about school, I looked incredibly young, acted young. I was in year 9.
Luke was around 20 years old, going on 21.

i truly regret ever speaking to Luke, or provoking the situation. It’s been something thats haunted me for years. But this shit can’t keep happening without justice. Him getting kicked out of a band does shit for anyone, I want him to admit what he’s done, and publicly apologise to all of his victims.

Please stop victim blaming. Children make mistakes, yes. But adults make choices and decisions. It’s been Luke’s choice to continuously do this to young girls.
I was an easy target, young, lonely, and I looked up to Luke.


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