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13th Nov 2017 from TwitLonger

What’s Gonna Happen With My Content

Don’t let the title scare ya, I’m not quitting Youtube. I still got some videos I wanna make and all that jazz but

Here’s the kicker
Long story short:
I’m quitting commentaries and gonna attempt to reduce my involvement in the CC by a good margin

So um
Here’s the long story

I’ve been holding onto this thought for a while now
It’s been apparent that I’ve had problems with the CC, generally having less and less fun with making commentaries, and considered quitting at one point or another but
Over time those feelings began to grow stronger and stronger and well
Only these recent events have kinda
Confirmed everything I’ve been feeling as of late

So um
As a sorta ICYMI on some recent events
That7thBloodyDragon made a video on Doodletones:
I responded to that:
And Dillin Thomas responded to my video:

Now I had some issues with Dillin’s video
Dillin had this idea to assume my motivations behind the video and assumed why I never responded to the Metokur shit back in last year
He assumed that I was just a coward back then and now I’m just out to talk down to others for their morality

Not the case at all
I didn’t get involved last year because I didn’t care back then
And I made the video because I wanted to believe Dragon was better than the way he presented and I wanted to try to knock some sense into him
He also thought I was lying when I said I wasn’t upset that Dragon resorted to these tactics in the first place
Also untrue
I wanted to make clear that those remarks are fine as long as you’re creative with them, and I was disappointed that Dragon did not

But here’s the thing
Regardless of my motivations
My video did reflected on those POORLY

I’ve gotten comments, not just from Dillin, saying that I myself fell into a trap that was similar to the mess that started last year and that my video came off like I was trying to talk down to him because he can’t use those insults

But I think the biggest failure in my video was how I handled the “If you’re doing this, I’m gonna click away”
And I got some I got comments calling me an SJW and all that fun stuff and like

Ok maybe the SJW stuff might be pushing it a bit but
Yeah I fucked up trying to communicate that
I wanted to say that leaving a first impression is important, and starting it off with same-shit isn’t the way to go
Regardless of how true that is, putting it in video form completely ruined what I was trying to go for

And after all of that, the responses I’ve been getting helped me realize what my biggest weakness is
I care too much

I try not to get involved in drama for the most part, but when I do, it’s clear that I get overly involved and I do damage to myself and those around me

I might sound insane when I say this but
Being in the CC changed who I am
I have more of a desire to keep pushing because I want to be right and I feel like I can be unintentionally dishonest from time to time and
I don’t like how I’ve been handling myself

I’ve had these thoughts when I took my break early in the year, and now here we are, where I feel like I just haven’t changed

So I have a couple apologies to send out
I’m sorry to Dillin for him having to subject himself to this shit
I’m sorry to Doodletones for kinda putting this all back in the line light
I’m sorry to That7thBloodyDragon for completely misconstruing my original intents and essentially talking down to him for doing what he wants
And I’m sorry to my fans/watchers for not setting a good example

So naturally, the next step would be to better myself and
Well now I’m gonna quit commentaries

I’ll try to explain here
I’d be lying if Dillin’s video had nothing to do with my decision
Hell I wouldn’t have mentioned it
But I truly feel that if I want to better myself, I would stop whatever that is causing it and, I feel that with the constant cycle of rough dishonesty and overall bitterness I’ve set for myself in the CC, stopping altogether would do some good

Now I’m not gonna be completely gone
If someone wanted a cameo or me to edit something then yeah i’ll do it
And I’m keeping all my commentaries up as is, not altering titles or descriptions or whatever
But I’m not gonna make commentaries anymore

I love making you people laugh
And I want to make the videos I care about
And being in the CC has changed my attitude and overall the spark is gone
And I feel that doing the other types of content that I said I’ll do will better define who I am as a creator

Now if you have any problems with what I’m saying
If you think I’m full of shit or if I’m a coward for running, then yeah be honest but

I want to have fun
And I want to grow as a content creator and as a person

Again, I’m sorry for all the wrongs I have made and I’ll do everything in mh power and then some to change it

So yeah
Thanks for watching everyone


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