what happened in 2015 when i got caught cheating

Hello Boys,

First of all I would truly apologize for any fans,supporters, opponents and especially my old teammates who didnt know about it.
lets talk about how everything started in september 2015. At that time I had private issues and other issues in my life which were not solved (im not saying what exactly happened). Therefore I was about to quit CS and thought about cheating. So I started to ask some cheat coders for a free cheat. On the same day I got an answer from a cheat coder with an offer to test his cheat for free. After testing the cheat on my smurf (I never cheated on my main account) I decided to cheat in the official match against publiclir.
We won the game and immediately one day after the game there was an "boost movie" uploaded on youtube. After that boost movie my team asked me if i used cheats against publiclir and i said no. Im really sorry for that and would like to apologize to all of them for my inapropriate behaviour and I would also send my apologys to fabE who I lied to back in the days. I used cheats (Wallhack) in those 3 games.
like i said in the beginning i never used cheats on my main acc because I was scared of getting a vac ban thats why i was playing with my Smurfaccount. Furthermore I didnt want to complain about my FACEIT ban because I deserved the ban 100% but i have no idea how they found something because i never used it on my main account. After having served my sentence of a 2 years ban on FACEIT. Regardless, I am sorry if I let anyone down, especially my team mates who deserve much better than being hated for my wrongdoing. If there is anyone you need to hate it's definately me and not them, because they are amazing players. I also wanna apologise to UX GAMING and their sponsors, they are an amazing group of people. I heard a lot of rumours about matchfixing in our old Team. We never talked about matchfixing in our team and therefore these rumours are false and wrong information. I never betted on myself or against myself.

All in all I'm really sorry for everything what happened in the past (cheating & scamming). But I can not change the past and therefore I want to show you in the future with my actions that I really mean the things above and that i've really changed. Sorry for my englando cuz its not my main language :/ i will try to compete again and try my best. i will try to stream as much as i can in the future and you can ask me everything. If you want you can follow me here : https://go.twitch.tv/officialxenn

So thanks to taking the time for reading this statement of mine.

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