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11th Nov 2017 from TwitLonger

On Rescheduling

-Rescheduling online matches is a fact of life in competitive DOTA and has been for nearly 10 years now. It is totally normal, happens all the time and has continued to happen in the current system. There is no central governing body, there are a LOT of qualifiers (especially now), teams and organizers don't always manage their schedules and communicate perfectly, and frankly, shit just happens.

-Working with 5+ teams to reschedule matches is very complicated, which is why organizers usually collaborate and compromise to minimize forfeits and ensure all matches get played. Even after the initial schedule is released, nearly all organizers expect there will be changes and conflicts, because you simply cannot know when a particular team will be busy when their exact schedule depends on how they actually perform in each event.

-Just because a tournament's schedule is released first doesn't mean that it is set in stone and everyone has to work around it. While that's nice in theory, in practice that results in 'solutions' which are wildly impractical for the teams and other events.

-BTS has moved matches to accommodate pretty much every major organizer over the past 5 years, including Dreamhack, Starladder, ESL, EPICENTER, etc plenty of times in the past. We have done this in plenty of cases where we released our schedule first.

-BTS already moved 2 matches to allow Mid or Feed to play Captain's Draft earlier this week.

-MDL and BTS spent hours working out a scheduling solution with MoF, Kinguin, HR, Penta & Mouz that would allow HR + MoF to play all 3 events (MDL, CD, & Summit) the next day.

-Our proposed solution involved BTS fully rescheduling a 3rd match, which we were happy to do to accommodate the teams and other events. This solution would have only required CD to move one scheduled match by 3 hours.

-Rather than accept this solution or propose a viable alternative, CD refused to make any adjustments to their own schedule and forfeited both HR & Mouz instead.

-There are 20+ Valve Minors/Majors, all of which have their own qualifiers. The calendar is PACKED. We are looking out for the teams' best interests and doing our best to ensure they can play in as many official qualifiers as possible, which is why we have been willing to reschedule within reason and continue to be moving forward.

-Blanket refusing to reschedule any matches unless you're happy with the solution is not acting in the best interests of the teams. All organizers need to be willing to compromise in the new Pro Circuit to make sure the teams get as many chances as possible.

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